The World´s most expensive diamonds for sale and sold.Rough uncut wholesale

The World´s most expensive diamonds for sale and recently sold Diamonds. Apr 4, 2017 A 59.60-carat oval pink diamond was auctioned for 553 million Hong Kong dollars (71.2 million US dollars) at Sotheby's Hong Kong jewels and jadeite spring sale 13.22 carat Blue Diamond called "The Blue" sold for US$23.79 million at Christie auction 14th of...

Update 2 cars available 8th Oct. 2013 : McLaren F1, LM and GTR super Cars for sale from owners, the new Ferrari 250 GTO

Dear McLaren super car  fans. Update the McLaren super cars keep beating records, but generally sellers want next years price and buyers want a price from the past. However the cars still change hands and  the price on both the McLaren F1 and the  250 GTO are going up and up, as the value of paper money go down.Why because the they are ultra desirable and rare. Paul Pappalardo sold above car,...

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