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Videos of SBH Royal Auto Gallery (Abu Dhabi) owner H.H. Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

  SBH Royal Auto Gallery  owner H.H. Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed is  a member of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi. The SBH royal auto gallery is in his private compound in Abu Dhabi Location The Royal Auto Gallery which is Private, is located in Abu Dhabi at the historically important site of Abu Muraikha. The car collection...

Harry Yeaggy’s car collection one of the best in America

US banker Harry Yeaggy  owns a  45 cars private car Museum located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Harry 's car collection is one of the best in America. It consist of 45 cars, when Harry buy a new car he will sell another car from his collection.His aim is to improve the collection over time,but not to make it bigger. I ,Stefan Katafai, personally spoke with Harry Yeaggy and he is a friendly man,...

Update 2 cars available 8th Oct. 2013 : McLaren F1, LM and GTR super Cars for sale from owners, the new Ferrari 250 GTO

Dear McLaren super car  fans. Update the McLaren super cars keep beating records, but generally sellers want next years price and buyers want a price from the past. However the cars still change hands and  the price on both the McLaren F1 and the  250 GTO are going up and up, as the value of paper money go down.Why because the they are ultra desirable and rare. Paul Pappalardo sold above car,...

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