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The Marbella Property market in 2023-2024 has experienced an extraordinary surge

The Marbella property market in 2023-2024 has experienced an extraordinary surge, witnessing unprecedented levels of sales activity across all price ranges. This remarkable growth has extended to various sectors of the local economy, including tourism, the establishment of new prestigious hotels and restaurants, property construction and renovation, as well as the service and hospitality industries. The...

Marbella´s new Port Al Thani will accommodate Cruise Ships and Super Yachts, should be totally ready by 2018

Port Al Thani  on the east side of Marbella. Its possible to invest in the port or even to buy the project. The Project will be totally finished  by 2018. Abdullah Ben Nasser Al-Thani has been named winner of the tender to redevelop and extend the port with plans which include a circular wall and exterior dyke and a 200 meter quay for cruise liners. Engineers Berenguer, Axel Logis...

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