🌞 The Simpsons Take the Costa del Sol by Storm: A Whirlwind Andalusian Adventure! 🌴

In a delightful and imaginative twist, two Andalusian travel bloggers, Abraham and Blanca from, have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to transport the beloved Simpsons family to the sun-soaked shores of the Costa del Sol. The result? An animated episode that captures the essence of the iconic American cartoon family navigating the beauty and culture of Malaga...

Winner Malaga 🇪🇸 – Expat City Ranking for 2023, InterNations

Winner Malaga 🇪🇸 - Expat City Ranking for 2023, InterNations The World’s 20 Best Cities To Live, According To Expats 🌎🏡 In its annual Expat City Ranking for 2023, InterNations has unveiled the 49 best cities for expats based on their experiences living and working abroad over the past year. The survey, encompassing over 12,000 expats from 177 nationalities residing in 181 countries,...

Ascari Ronda Racetrack Under New Ownership by Swiss Millionaire Francisco Fernández

The prestigious Ascari race track, often dubbed the "Circuit of the Stars," situated between Ronda and Teba, is now under new ownership. Swiss banking security expert and millionaire entrepreneur, Francisco Fernández, the founder of Avaloq, has taken the reins after a substantial investment of approximately 25 million euros. This transition marks a significant change for Ascari, a facility cherished...

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