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Baby, life’s what you make it Celebrate it

Baby, life's what you make it Celebrate it, anticipate it Yesterday's faded, nothing can change it Life's what you make it Living the Marbella Lifestyle ☀️🌴 Is making quality memories with your family in sunny Marbella a waste of time? As a Marbella real estate agent, Stefan Katafai, I've been calling Spain home since 1989. Having lived in various locations like Algarve, Canary Islands, and...

The Marbella Property market in 2023-2024 has experienced an extraordinary surge

The Marbella property market in 2023-2024 has experienced an extraordinary surge, witnessing unprecedented levels of sales activity across all price ranges. This remarkable growth has extended to various sectors of the local economy, including tourism, the establishment of new prestigious hotels and restaurants, property construction and renovation, as well as the service and hospitality industries. The...

Marbella 2023 – Remarkable surge in demand for Residential Properties

In the realm of real estate, 2022 revealed a tale of two contrasting periods, painting a vivid picture of trends within the property market. The year commenced with a remarkable surge in demand for residential properties, attributed directly to the pandemic's influence. Unexpectedly, this surge persisted well into the year, culminating in an astonishing 108% increase in travelers passing through the...

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