Baby, life’s what you make it Celebrate it

Baby, life’s what you make it Celebrate it, anticipate it Yesterday’s faded, nothing can change it Life’s what you make it

Living the Marbella Lifestyle ☀️🌴

Is making quality memories with your family in sunny Marbella a waste of time? As a Marbella real estate agent, Stefan Katafai, I’ve been calling Spain home since 1989. Having lived in various locations like Algarve, Canary Islands, and the Balearic Islands, I eventually returned to the Costa del Sol, where my journey began.

After exploring different regions, I settled in Marbella—a city that is anything but boring. Marbella is not an island, and it’s not as quiet as Algarve or Ibiza in the winter. It’s a place with a vibrant lifestyle that caters to all, making it the perfect home.

Reflecting on my real estate journey, I often tell buyers and investors that the perfect property doesn’t exist. There’s always a trade-off. Some might think Marbella is only about showcasing beautiful homes and supercars, tailored for the super-rich. However, I disagree. Living here can be affordable, especially if you embrace an active outdoor lifestyle and dont eat out everyday.

Life in Spain is different; it’s not about perfection but embracing imperfections. In Marbella, life is lived outdoors, and your home is just a base. For young people, I recommend sharing an apartment, keeping in mind that your home is where you rest, but the real living happens outside.

I often encounter individuals who expect their Marbella home to replicate the perfection of their northern residences. I remind them that life here is different, and the more active you are, the better you feel.


From Estepona to Torremolinos, I’ve lived in various areas, but without a doubt, the best for year-round living is Nueva Andalucia and the surroundings of Puerto Banus. The area between Marbella and Puerto Banus is fantastic, featuring an amazing beachwalk with numerous restaurants and bars.

One of my personal favorites is Paradise Beach Bar, a beachfront gem known for its cleanliness and organization. The owners’ constant desire for improvement has made it one of the most popular places today.

Living among wealthier individuals might create aspirations, but it’s crucial to appreciate the diverse experiences of people. Marbella’s multicultural environment fosters harmony among people of different backgrounds.

In terms of employment, securing a well-paid job can be challenging, leading many to be self-employed or autonomo. While the cost of living can be a consideration, finding a balance between income and expenses is key.

To enrich your experience, engage in hobbies like golf, learn Spanish, and explore various activities. Marbella attracts people from different nations, and while businesses catering to specific nationalities exist, expanding your social circle adds richness to your life.

Everyday life in sunny Spain involves an active lifestyle, outdoor activities, and savoring diverse culinary offerings. Economic conditions may vary, but the cultural richness and community spirit make Marbella a unique and vibrant place to call home. 🏡🌞

I encourage exploring the hundreds of wonderful locations in southern Spain.

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