U.S. Ambassador Julissa Reynoso Praises Malaga as a Top American Destination and Hub for Business Expansion

Julissa Reynoso, the United States Ambassador to Spain, emphasized that Malaga has become one of the most frequented Spanish destinations by Americans. The American diplomat noted the significant interest of U.S. companies in establishing or expanding their investments in the province.

Appointed by Joe Biden in July 2021, Julissa Reynoso, the first woman to hold the position in Spain, visited Malaga to attend the inauguration of Google’s cybersecurity center and meet with American companies like Caterpillar. During her visit, she expressed her admiration for Malaga and its appeal to both tourists and businesses.

Born in the Dominican Republic in 1975 and raised in New York, Reynoso, with a degree from Harvard University, a master’s from Cambridge, and a law doctorate from Columbia, has a rich background in government and international relations. Having served as an advisor to President Biden and part of Barack Obama’s team, she brings a wealth of experience to her diplomatic role.

Reynoso shared her positive impressions of Malaga, citing its friendly people, rich history, diverse cultural offerings, excellent cuisine, favorable weather, and overall safety. She acknowledged the city’s importance for global companies like Google and Caterpillar and revealed ongoing interest from various American enterprises looking to invest in Malaga, particularly in technology and financial services.

Regarding the direct flight between Malaga and New York during high season, Reynoso mentioned the potential for its expansion due to high demand. She highlighted the robust trade relations between Spain and the United States, emphasizing the significant economic contributions made by American companies, including Google, Microsoft, Caterpillar, and pharmaceutical firms, particularly in the province of Malaga.

Reynoso expressed satisfaction with the bilateral relationship between the United States and Spain, affirming the positive collaboration with the Spanish government. On the issue of Catalonia’s independence movement, she emphasized the importance of a stable and united Spain for global stability.

As the first female U.S. ambassador to Spain, Reynoso acknowledged the need for continued efforts to diversify the diplomatic sector and achieve gender equality. She emphasized the importance of representation from various demographic groups, recognizing the progress made in U.S. diplomacy’s diversity while acknowledging that there is still work to be done. Reynoso highlighted the significance of diversity as a global challenge, particularly for democracies.

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Málaga: Expats’ Favorite City 🇪🇸🏰

Malaga secured the top spot globally, hailed for local friendliness and perfect weather. It ranked 2nd for finding friends and boasted an impressive Quality of Life Index. Expats highlighted its excellent work-life balance, affordable housing, and top-notch personal finance, making it an overall winner with an 88% satisfaction rate.

  • #1 Málaga offers the best cost of living in the world.
  • Incomes go a long way in #2 Bangkok.
  • #3 Alicante sees lower incomes but also low costs.
  • Vancouver (#49), New York City (#48), and London (#47) are found at the bottom of the list.

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