Spain’s Largest Planetarium Approved Next to Ikea in Malaga – Opening in 2025!

A major planetarium project, set to be Spain’s largest, has received the green light for construction near Ikea in Malaga. The Malaga city council granted the building permit after a three-year process, and the project is expected to be completed within two years.

Led by Malaga Planetarium, a collaboration between local engineering firm Gestomer, renowned astronomer Alberto Castro Tirado, and multinational Sky-Skan, the planetarium is estimated to cost over 10 million euros. The facility will feature a state-of-the-art projection hall with a capacity for 400 people and will be situated on an 8,811-square-meter plot adjacent to the N-340 road and Guadalmar motorway, offering 116 on-site parking spaces.

With an anticipated opening in 2025, the Malaga Planetarium aims to attract approximately 500,000 visitors annually, positioning itself as a key tourist attraction in Malaga, Spain, and globally. The two-story structure will host cutting-edge exhibitions in science and technology, emphasizing interactive experiences. Additionally, the planetarium will provide space for educational workshops focusing on science and technology for young audiences.


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