Is Living on a Yacht a Tax Haven? Top 10 EU Countries & Top 50 Countries with Low Tax Rates & Seamless International Banking

Top 10 Tax Havens in Europe: A Comprehensive Guide for 2024 🌍 Are you searching for the premier tax havens in Europe? Have you ever pondered the existence of micronations nestled within Europe's borders? Consider Liechtenstein for Germany and Austria, San Marino for Italy, or even Campione, a lesser-known haven appealing to both Italy and Switzerland. 🏰 Spain boasts Andorra and British...

Paul Cézanne “The Card Players” & Willem de Kooning’s “Interchange” The most valuable paintings in private hands

  Rembrandt van Rijn "Portrait of Jan Six", 1654 oil on canvas, 112 x 102 cm. Six Foundation, Amsterdam Not only the most important work by Rembrandt still in private hands, but also one of the best portraits from the Dutch Golden Era. In the 1650s Rembrandt created some of his most accomplished masterpieces, such as "Aristotle with a Bust of Homer" (1653, Metropolitan Museum) or "A Woman Bathing...

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