Marbella Real Estate Market Report 2023: Insights and Trends

Marbella Real Estate Market Report 2023: Insights and Trends 2022: A Year of Contrasting Halves The Marbella real estate market in 2022 can be characterized as a tale of two halves. The demand for residential properties, which had accumulated during the pandemic, continued to surge in 2022, surprising many with its resilience. Notably, Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport saw a staggering 108% increase in...

Marbella 2023 – Remarkable surge in demand for Residential Properties

In the realm of real estate, 2022 revealed a tale of two contrasting periods, painting a vivid picture of trends within the property market. The year commenced with a remarkable surge in demand for residential properties, attributed directly to the pandemic's influence. Unexpectedly, this surge persisted well into the year, culminating in an astonishing 108% increase in travelers passing through the...

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