LOR, COA,NDNC, LOI, POF, Escrow & Contract.

Do business the right way and save time and effort L.O.R. (Letter of request) or Proforma of a LETTER OF INTEREST C.O.A.  (Confirmation of access) or Letter of confirmation N.D.N.C. (NON-DISCLOSURE, NON-CIRCUMVENTION) IMFPA  Intermediary master fee protection agreement  (commission split agreement) L.O.I.  (Letter of intent) from Buyers lawyer to Mandate or sellers Lawyer Intent Validation...

Jean Michel Basquiat art for sale and sold

Jean Michel Basquiat art for sale and sold, from once of the most famous modern artists Basquiat New World Record  Jean Michel-Basquiat’s Untitled (1982) sold 18th of  May 2017 for $110.5 million buyer Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa. I am happy to announce that I just won this masterpiece. When I first encountered this painting, I was struck with so much excitement and gratitude for my love...

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