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Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, 1st Marqués de Dalí de Pubol (May 11, 1904 – January 23, 1989), known as Salvador Dalí (/ˈdɑːli/;[1] Catalan: [səɫβəˈðo ðəˈɫi]), was a prominent Spanish surrealist painter born in Figueres, Spain.

Dalí was a skilled draftsman, best known for the striking and bizarre images in his surrealist work. His painterly skills are often attributed to the influence of Renaissance masters. His best-known work, The Persistence of Memory, was completed in August 1931. Dalí’s expansive artistic repertoire included film, sculpture, and photography, in collaboration with a range of artists in a variety of media.

Dalí attributed his “love of everything that is gilded and excessive, my passion for luxury and my love of oriental clothes” to an “Arab lineage”, claiming that his ancestors were descended from the Moors.

Dalí was highly imaginative, and also enjoyed indulging in unusual and grandiose behavior. His eccentric manner and attention-grabbing public actions sometimes drew more attention than his artwork, to the dismay of those who held his work in high esteem, and to the irritation of his critics

The Persistence of Memory is a 1931 painting by artist Salvador Dalí, and is one of his most recognizable works.

Portrait de Paul Eluard was sold by Sotheby’s in 2011 at a London auction. $22.4 million. It became the most expensive of Dali’s canvases sold to date and the most expensive Surrealist work of art ever sold.


Printemps necrophilique, or Necrophiliac springtime stands as an allegory for the painter’s paranoia, his conscience shifting toward illusion. Painted in 1936, Printemps necrophilique depicts a seated seated man and a flower-headed woman on the left, separated by a cypress tree, the woman looking toward the viewers, while the man gazes at the blurred landscape. The desert slowly fades from hyperrealistic to hallucinatory. Originally owned by fashion designer and Dali’s close friend Elsa Schiaparelli, the canvas went under the hammer in 2012 in London, and was sold by Sotheby’s for $16.3 million.


Dali painted without interruption, and it’s only natural that not all his paintings be as popular. However, everyone was thrown back when this painting that only few have heard about fetched $11 million in 2011. Painted in 1934 in Paris, Enigmatic Elements in a Landscape is an oil-panel work, supremely Surrealistic and Dalian, in which many enigmatic elements are intertwined under a dazzling sky. On the wide lane of Port Lligat viewers can see Jan Vermeer, one of Dali’s idols, working at his easel. Before him lays an enigmatic tower and cypress trees, common in the Spanish countryside the artist grew up in, while a shrouded figure adds the habitual enigma. There are the customary hugging beans, and a young Dali upon the landscape wearing a sailor suit and holding a bone and hoop. The absinthe green enveloping the dreamscape is one of the painter’s favorite colors. Enigmatic Elements in a Landscape was purchased by Fundacio Gala Salvador Dali and can now be admired at the Dali Theater-Museum in Figueras.
The owners of works by Salvador Dalí are invited to contact  fundacio dali to provide information for the catalogue raisonné of the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí. We can be contacted via email at [email protected] :

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  • Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí
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  • 17600 Figueres
  • Spain
  • Tel. +34 972 677 514
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Landscape with River
Landscape with figures
Landscape with Animals
Cadaqués. View from the House at Es Llaner Beach
Dutch Interior
Cadaqués. Es Llaner Beach
Empordà Landscape
My Cousin Montserrat
Portrait of Llúcia
Old Man at the Twilight Hour
The Sardana of the Witches
Port of Cadaqués (Night)
View of Port d’Alguer, Cadaqués
Three Figures
Array / The Woman with the Pitcher
Cadaqués Fishermen
Es Pianc
Moonlight at Es Llaner-Petit
Vegetable Garden at Es Llaner, Cadaqués
Punta Es Baluard in the Riba d’en Pichot, Cadaqués
Port d’Alguer, Cadaqués
The Three Pines
Sa Conca Cove. Cadaqués
Moonlit Night
Water Pitcher
Still Life
Still Life. Fish with Red Bowl
Portrait of the Artist’s Mother
Still Life with Pomegranate
Portrait of Mr. Pancraci
Vegetable Garden at Es Llaner-Petit
Llac de Vilabertran / The Lake of Vilabertran / The Church Tower of Vilabertran
The Lake at Vilabertran
Girls in a Garden. The Cousins
El “Son” / The “Son”
Self-Portrait in the Studio
The Bay of Cadaqués
Port d’Alguer, Cadaqués
Landscape of Cadaqués. Port Alguer
Port d’Alguer Beach from Riba d’en Pichot
Es Poal – Pianc
Portrait of Grandmother Anna Sewing
Moonlight over the Bay at Cadaqués
View of Cadaqués from Es Pianc
Untitled / Cadaqués at Dawn
Port d’Alguer and Mount Paní from the Town Hall
The Artist in His Studio at Riba d’en Pichot, Cadaqués
Nans Cove. Cadaqués
Jóncols Cove. Cadaqués
The Bay of Cadaqués Seen from Es Llaner
Still Life
Portrait of the Cellist Ricard Pichot
Portrait of Grandmother Anna Sewing
Still Life by a Window
Portrait of “la Tieta” (Catalina Domènech Ferrer)
Portrait of My Father
Untitled / Portrait of the Artist’s Sister
Untitled / Composition
Portrait of My Father and the House at Es Llaner
Portrait of Puig Pujades
Untitled / Portrait of Girl
Portrait of Juan José Serra Corominas

Landscape of Cadaqués
Lansdcape of Cadaqués
Lansdcape of Cadaqués
Paisatge de Cadaqués / Lansdcape of Cadaqués / View of Cadaqués Seen from Mount Paní
Cala Nans Adorned with Cypress Trees
Vegetable Garden at Es Llaner
Landscape of Cadaqués
Self-Portrait with Raphaelesque Neck
Cadaqués Seen from the Back
Anna Maria Child
Es Llaner Beach
Olive Trees / Landscape of Cadaqués
Camí de Portlligat. Cadaqués / The Lane to Portlligat. Cadaqués / The Lane to Portlligat with View of Cape Creus
The Bay of Cadaqués
La Venus qui somriu / The Smiling Venus
A Lacemaker in front of the Sea in Cadaqués
The Sick Child. Self-Portrait in Cadaqués
Maternitat / Maternity
Untitled / Maternity with Cadaqués at the back
Portrait of Jaume Miravitlles / Portrait of Met Miravitlles
Fragment of a Scene (Brothel)
Portrait of a Gypsy
Untitled / Circus Scene
The Voyeur
Still Life
Night-Scene in Figueres
Tea “sur l’herbe”
Tea “sur l’herbe”
Nymphs and Young Ladies at the Garden Fountain
Nymphs in a Romantic Garden
Fiesta at the Hermitage (fragment)
La festa a l’ermita / Fiesta at the Hermitage
Fiesta at the Hermitage
Mercat / Market
Fiesta at the Hermitage
Fiesta of Saint Lucy in Vilamalla
The Man with Drinking Jar with Spout
Cartell / Poster for the Fair of the Holy Cross, 1921
Two Gypsy Lads
Els focs artificials / The Fireworks / Saint John’s Night
The Figueres Fair
The Fair of the Holy Cross at Figueres
Still Life with Pears
Still Life with Grapes
Still Life with Scorpion-Fish
Still Life with Aubergines
Retrat / Portrait / Portrait of Josep Maria Torres
Retrat / Portrait / Portrait of Jaume Miravitlles
Cabaret Scene
Madrid, Architecture and Poplars
Landscape of Madrid
Villa Pepita
Two Girls
Cubist Self-Portrait
Self-Portrait with “L’Humanité”
Satirical Composition
Female Nude in a Blue Background
Family Scene
Pierrot with Guitar
Still Life
Still Life
Cubist Composition / Cubist Portrait of Federico García Lorca
Portrait of Girl
Gypsy from Figueres
Cadaqués / View of Cadaqués from the Creus Tower
Port Alguer
Plant with Flowerpot
The Jorneta Stream
Untitled / Landscape with olive trees
The Jorneta
The Mill. Cadaqués Landscape
Landscape with Figures
Bathers of Es Llaner
Empordà Landscape with Figures
Berceuse locale
Portrait of the Artist’s Sister
Portrait of My Sister (original state)
Portrait of My Sister (present state)
Portrait of Anna Maria
Bunch of Flowers / Bouquet (L’important c’est la rose)
Bodegó / Still Life
Retrato de Luis Buñuel / Portrait of Luis Buñuel
Bañista / Bather / Portrait of Joan Xirau
Naturaleza muerta / Still Life / Still Life. Watermelon
Naturaleza muerta / Still Life / Siphon with Small Bottle of Rum (Cubist Painting)
Figueres Station
Still Life
Still Life with Two Lemons
Naturaleza muerta / Still Life
Still Life / Purist Still Life
Naturaleza muerta / Still Life
Desnudo / Nude
Nude in the Water
Retrato / Portrait / Seated Girl
Figura d’esquenes / Figure Seen from the Back
Figura en una finestra / Figure at a Window / Girl at a Window
Retrat de la Ramoneta Montsalvatge / Portrait of Ramoneta Montsalvatge
Retrat del meu pare / Portrait of My Father
Retrat de la meva germana / Portrait of My Sister
Retrat de la meva germana / Portrait of My Sister
Figura de perfil / Figure in Profile
Figura en una taula / Figure at a table
Retrat de Maria Carbona / Portrait of Maria Carbona
Venus i un mariner (Homenatge a Salvat-Papasseit) / Venus and Sailor (Homage to Salvat-Papasseit)
Pierrot tocant la guitarra (Pintura cubista) / Pierrot Playing the Guitar (Cubist Painting)
Venus and Sailor
Seated Monk
Studio Sketch
Study of a Nude
Venus and Cupids

1926Composició amb tres figures. “Acadèmia neocubista” / Composition with Three Figures. “Neo-cubist Academy” / The Sailor. Neo-cubist Academy
Anna Maria
La noia dels rulls / Girl with Curls
Empordà Landscape
Empordà Landscape
Noia cosint / Girl Sewing
Girl’s Back
Panera del pa / The Basket of Bread
Paisatge del port de Cadaqués / Landscape of the Port of Cadaqués
Roques del Llaner / Rocks of Es Llaner
Figura damunt les roques / Figure on the Rocks
Noia de Figueres / Girl from Figueres
Penya-segats / Cliffs
Depart. “Homenatge al Noticiari Fox” / Depart. “Homage to Fox Newsreel”
Natura morta / Still Life / Still Life by Moonlight
Natura morta / Still Life / Still Life by Mauve Moonlight
Figura / Figure / Barcelona Mannequin
Arlequí / Harlequin
Dues figures / Two Figures
Natura morta. “Invitació a la son” / Still Life. “Invitation to Dream”
Figures ajagudes a la sorra / Figures Lying on the Sand
Taula davant el mar / Table in front of the Sea / Homage to Eric Satie
Cap / Head
Cíndria i mandolina / Watermelon and Mandolin
Self-Portrait Splitting intoThree
Untitled / Self-Portrait Splitting into Three
Étude pour “Le miel est plus doux que le sang” / Study for “Honey is Sweeter than Blood”
La mel és més dolça que la sang / Honey is Sweeter than Blood
Aparell i mà / Apparatus and Hand
Los esfuerzos estériles / Futile Efforts / Little Ashes
Portrait of Maria de Abadal
Female Nude Seated in an Armchair
Inaugural Gooseflesh
Surrealist Composition
Surrealist Composition
Dues figures en una platja / Two Figures on a Beach / Unsatified Desires
Nu féminin / Female Nude
Baigneuses / Bathers
The Spectral Cow
The Spectral Cow
The Stinking Ass
Rotting bird
Woman-Animal Symbiosis
Dit gros, platja, lluna i ocell podrit / Thumb, Beach, Moon and Decaying Bird
The Wounded Bird
Moon and Sea Snail on a Rock
Nu femení / Female Nude
Anthropomorphic Beach (present state)
Figura femenina i figura masculina en una platja / Female Figure and Male Figure on a Beach
Four Fishemen’s Wives in Cadaqués / Sun
Fishemen’s Wives in Cadaqués
Fishermen in the sun
Abstract Composition
Fishermen’s Wives
Les premiers jours du printemps / The First Days of Spring
Homme d’une complexion malsaine écoutant le bruit de la mer / A Man of Unhealthy Complexion Listening to the Sound of the Sea
Les accommodations des désirs / Accommodations of Desire
Les plaisirs illuminés / Illuminated Pleasures
Visage du Grand Masturbateur / Face of the Great Masturbator / The Great Masturbator
Le jeu lugubre / The Lugubrious Game
Portrait de Paul Éluard / Portrait of Paul Éluard
The Enigma of Desire or Ma mère, ma mère, ma mère
La mémoire de la femme-enfant / The Memory of the Woman-Child / Imperial Monument to the Woman-Child
L’homme invisible / The Invisible Man
Planche d’associations démentielles / Board of Demented Associations / Fireworks
Daybreak / Phantasmagoria
La profanation de l’hostie / Profanation of the Host
Guillaume Tell / William Tell
The Font
La libre inclinación del deseo / The Free Inclination of Desire
Le rêve / The Dream
Dormeuse cheval lion invisibles / Invisible Sleeping Woman Horse Lion
Dormeuse cheval lion invisibles / Invisible Sleeping Woman Horse Lion
Dormeuse, cheval, lion / Sleeping Woman, Horse, Lion
The Hand. The Remorse of Conscience
Simulacrum of the Night
The Bleeding Roses
Vertigo or the Tower of Pleasure
El reflejo craneano / The Cranial Reflection / The Average Bureaucrat
La femme poisson / The Fish Woman

1931Le sentiment de vitesse / The Sense of Speed
Ossification prématurée d’une gare / Premature Ossification of a Railway Station
Remorse / Sphinx Embedded in the Sand
Ensemble masochiste / Masochist ensemble / The Soft Watches
La persistance de la mémoire / The Persistence of Memory
Le sentiment du devenir / The Feeling of Becoming
La vieillesse de Guillaume Tell / The Old Age of William Tell
Au bord de la mer / At the Seaside
Fantaisies Diurnes / Diurnal Fantasies
Symbiosis of a Head of Sea Shells
The Shades of Night Descending
Ciel / Heaven / Olive
La solitude / Solitude
The Anthropomorphous Echo / Solitude
Untitled / Woman Sleeping in a Landscape
L’illusion diurne / Diurnal Illusion / Shadow of the Grand Piano Approaching
Gradiva retrouve les ruines anthropomorphes (fantaisie rétrospective) / Gradiva Rediscovers the Anthropomorphic Ruins (Retrospective Fantasy)
Hallucination: Six images de Lénine sur un piano / Hallucination. Six Images of Lenin on a Grand Piano / Partial Hallucination. Six Images of Lenin on a Grand Piano
The Mysterious Sources of Harmony
Fontaine nécrophilique coulant d’un piano à queue / Necrophilic Fountain Flowing from a Grand Piano
Phosphene of Della Porta
Essai surréaliste / Surrealist Essay
The Birth of Liquid Anguish
Le signal de l’angoisse / The Signal of Anguish
Objets surréalistes indicateurs de la mémoire instantanée / Surrealists Objects Indicators of Instantaneous Memory
Rencontre de l’illusion et de l’instant arrêté / Meeting of the Illusion and the Arrested Moment / Fried Eggs Displayed on a Spoon
Image ambivalente / Ambivalent image
Symbole agnostique / Agnostic symbol
The Real Painting of “The Isle of the Death” by Arnold Böcklin at the Angelus Time
Untitled / Persistence of Fair Weather
La nostalgie du cannibale (image instantanée) / The nostalgia of the cannibal (instantaneous image)
Oeufs sur le plat (sans le plat) / Eggs on the plate (without the plate)
Egg on the Plate without the Plate
Egg on the plate without the plate
Woman and Catalan Bread
L’homme invisible / The Invisible Man
Average French Bread with Two Eggs on the Plate without the Plate, on Horseback, Attempting to Sodomize a Crumb of Portugese Bread
Anthropomorphic Bread
Catalan Bread / Anthropomorphic Bread
La mémoire de la femme-enfant / Memory of the Child-Woman
Naissance des désirs liquides / Birth of Liquid Desires
Maison pour érotomane / House for Erotomaniac / House for Erotomaniacs
Surrealist Architecture
The Angelus
Sans titre / The Veiled Heart
Portrait de la Vicomtesse de Noailles / Portrait of the Vicomtesse de Noailles
William Tell and Gradiva
Horseman in front of the Tower
Le rêve approche / The Dream Approaches
La harpe invisible, fine et moyenne / The Fine and Average Invisible Harp
Chaise atmosphérique / Atmospheric Chair
Méditation sur la harpe / Meditation on the Harp
Bureaucrate moyen atmosphérocéphale, dans l’attitude de traire du lait d’une harpe crânienne / Average Atmopherocephalic Bureaucrat in the Act of Milking a Cranial Harp
Coiffeur angoissé par la persistance du beau temps / The Anguished Barber by the Persistency of Good Weather
Gala et l’Angélus de Millet précédent immédiatement la venue des “anamorphoses coniques” / Gala and the Angelus of Millet Preceding the Imminent Arrival of the Conical Anamorphoses
Les atavismes du crépuscule (phénomène obsessif) / Atavism at twilight (Obsessional Phenomenon)
Automatic Beginning of a Portrait of Gala
Portrait of Gala with Lobster / Portrait of Gala with a plane on her nose
Portrait de Gala / Portrait of Gala
Le devenir géologique / Geological Destiny
Moi-même à 10 ans quand j’étais l’enfant-sauterelle (complexe de castration) / Myself at the Age of Ten When I was a Grasshopper Child (Castration Complex) / Myself at the Age of Ten When I was a Grasshopper Child
The enigma of William Tell
L’heure triangulaire / The Triangular Hour
Millet’s Architectonic “Angelus”
L’énigme de Guillaume Tell / The Enigma of William Tell
The Phamtom Cart
Phantom Cart
Le sphinx de sucre / The Sugar Sphinx
Portrait of Edward Wassermann
Portrait de Monsieur Emilio Terry (inachevé) / Portrait of Mr. Emilio Terry (unfinished) / Portrait of Mr. Emilio Terry
Untitled / Surrealist Poster
Le spectre et le fantôme / The Spectre and the Phantom
Le Spectre de Vermeer de Delft, pouvant être utilisé comme table (théorie phénoménologique du “meuble-aliment”) / The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft Which Can Be Used as a Table (Phenomenologic Theory of Furniture-Nutrition) / The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft Which Can Be Used as a Table
Masquerader, intoxicated by the limpid atmosphere / Ghost of Vermeer of Delft
The Knight of Death
Enigmatic Elements in a Landscape
Apparition de ma cousine Carolinette sur la plage de Rosas (pressentiment fluidique) / Apparition of My Cousin Carolineta on the Beach at Roses (Fluid Premonition) / Apparition on the Beach at Roses
Apparition of My Cousin Carolineta on the Beach at Roses
Paranoiac-astral image
Moment of Transition
Crâne et son appendice lyrique s’appuyant sur une table de nuit qui aurait la température d’un nid de cardinal / Skull and Its Lyric Appendage Leaning on a Bedside Table which Should Have the Temperature of a Cardinal Nest / Skull and Its Lyric Appendage Leaning on a Commode which Should Have the Temperature of a Cardinal Nest
Cour ouest de l’Île des morts (obsession reconstitutive d’après Böcklin) / West Side of the Isle of the Death (Reconstructed Compulsive Image After Böcklin)
Tête de mort atmosphérique sodomisant un piano à queue / Atmospheric Skull Sodomizing a Grand Piano
Portrait de Gala portant deux côtelettes en équilibre sur son épaule / Portrait of Gala with Two Chops Balanced on Her Shoulder / Portrait of Gala with Two Lamb Chops in Equilibrium upon Her Shoulder
Le spectre du Sex-Appeal / The Spectre of Sex-Appeal
Ossification matinale du cyprès / Morning Ossification of the Cypress
Untitled / Fossil Cloud
Portrait of a Woman
Vestiges ataviques après la pluie / Atavistic Vestiges after the Rain
L’heure du visage effacé / The Hour of the Erased Face
Instrument masochiste / Masochistic instrument
Painting / The Alert
Dreams on a Beach
Éclipse et osmose végétales / Eclipse and Vegetable Osmosis
Mannequin javanais / Javanese Mannequin
The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft
Invisible Harp
Cannibalism of the Praying Mantis of Lautreamont
The Spectre of the Angelus
La mélancolie / Melancholy
The Knight of Death
The Knight of Death
Réminiscence archéologique de l'”Angélus” de Millet / Archaeological Reminiscence of Millet’s Angelus
Cour centrale de l’Île des morts (obsession reconstitutive d’après Böcklin) / Central Courtyard from The Isle of the Dead (Reconstructive Obsession after Böcklin) / The Isle of the Dead – Central Courtyard from the Isle of the Dead – Reconstructive Obsession after Böcklin
El desnonament del moble aliment / The Eviction of Furniture-Nutrition / The Weaning of Furniture-Nutrition
Cadernera – cadernera / Goldfinch – goldfinch / Cardinal, cardinal!
Aerodynamic Chair
Imatge mediumnique-paranoïaque / Mediumnistic-Paranoiac Image / Image medianimique paranoique
Métamorphose végétale / Vegetal Metamorphosis
Monument hyphagogique / Hypnagogic Monument
Ampurdanese Yang and Yin
Untitled / Bal onirique
Portrait of René Crevel / The Man with a Cigarette

1935Suburbs of the “paranoiac-critical town” / Suburbs of the “paranoiac-critical” afternoon (on the outskirts of European history)
Nostalgic Echo
Morphological Echo
Portrait of Madame Ducas
Portrait of Mrs. Clarence M. Wooley / Portrait of Isabelle Baker Woolley
Visage paranoïaque / Paranoiac Face
The Tower
Figure and Drapery in a Landscape
Puzzle of Autumn
Solitude paranoïaque-critique / Paranoiac-Critical Solitude
The Echo of the Void
Nocturnal Spectre on the Beach
L’Angélus de Gala / The Angelus of Gala / Portrait of Gala
Spectre of Vermeer of Delft
Woman with Head of Roses
Couverture turbulente / Turbulent Cover / The Surrealist Mystery of New York in 1935
Apparition of the town of Delft
The fossil automobile of Cape Creus
Soft construction with boiled apricots / Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (Premonition of Civil War)
Diurnal Melancholy / The Chemist of the Empordà in Search of the Void
City of drawers / The Anthropomorphic Cabinet
Surrealist Composition with Invisible Figures
A couple with their heads full of clouds / Couple with Their Heads Full of Clouds
Untitled / Couple with Their Heads Full of Clouds
Man with His Head Full of Clouds
“Geodesical” portrait of Gala
Morphological echo
Forgotten horizon
White Calm
Three young surrealist women holding in their arms the skins of an orchestra
Autumnal cannibalism
Necrophilic spring
The man with the head of blue hortensias
A chemist lifting with extreme precaution the cuticle of a grand piano
Femenine head which has the form of a battle
The Great Paranoic
Perspectives / Perspectives abbreviation for Premonition of the paranoiac perspectives for the soft structures
“Minotaure” Cover
The bread on the head, and the prodigal with the father / The Bread on the Head and the Prodigal Son
Anthropomorphism, extra flat / Geological Justice
Girl Skipping in a Landscape / Landscape with Girl Skipping
Dreams puts her hand on a man’s shoulder
A trombone and a sofa fashioned out of saliva
Burning Giraffe
Average Pagan Landscape
Plage enchantée / Enchanted Beach
Anthropomorphic Echo
Swans Reflecting Elephants
Métamorphose de Narcisse / Metamorphosis of Narcissus
Le sommeil / Sleep
Invention de monstres / Invention of the Monsters
Hérodiade / Herodias
Anbattet / The Spit
Untitled / Vision of Eternity
Imperial violets
The Sublime Moment
The transparent simulacrum of the feigned image
Enchanted beach with three fluid graces
España / Spain
The Image disappears
Apparition of face and fruit-dish on a beach
Endless Enigma
Invisible Afghan with Appartion, on the Beach, of the Face of Garcia Lorca, in the Form of a Fruit Dish with Three Figs
Debris of an automobile giving birth to a blind horse biting a telephone
Palladio’s corridor of dramatic disguise / Palladio’s corridor of dramatic surprise
Palladio’s Corridor of Thalia
Melancholic eccentricity / Mountain Lake
Mad Tristan
Impression of Africa / Impressions of Africa
Portrait of Lady Louis Mountbatten
The enigma of Hitler
Telephone in a dish with three grilled sardines / Telephone in a Dish with Three Grilled Sardines at the End of September
Landscape with Telephones on a Dish
Psychoanalysis and morphology meet
Paranoia / Surrealist Figures
Proyect for “Bacchanale”
Dancer – Skull
The Dream of Venus
Philosophy illuminated by the light of the moon and the setting sun
Baby Map of the World
Shirley Temple, the Youngest, Most Sacred Monster of the Cinema in Her Time / Barcelona sphinx
Portrait of Gala with Turban

Visage of the War
Two pieces of bread expressing the sentiment of love
Book transforming itself into a nude woman
Daddy Longlegs of the Evening – Hope! (including: soft aeroplane vomited by a cannon, ants, victory born of a broken wing, violoncello in white mastic and an angel who weeps) / Daddy Longlegs of the Evening-Hope!
Resurrection of the flesh
Allegory of the sunset air
Family of marsupial centaurs
The golden age
Group of women imitating the gestures of a schooner
Old age, adolescence, infancy
Slave market (with apparition of the invisible bust of Voltaire)
Bust of Voltaire
Original sin
Soft self portrait with grilled bacon
Honey is sweeter than blood
Untitled / Dressed Automobiles
Piano descending by parachute
Triumph of Nautilus
Untitled / Ruin with Head of Medusa and Landscape
Study for a proyect
Project for “Labyrinth”
Illustration for S. C. Johnson & Co.
Untitled / Study for a Dress
Project for “Labyrinth”
Project for “Labyrinth”
Portrait of Mrs. Harold McCormick
Untitled / Two Harlequins
The Ascension
Las llamas, llaman / The Flames, They Call
Project for “Romeo and Juliet”
Project for “Romeo and Juliet”
Project for “Romeo and Juliet”
Project for “Romeo and Juliet”
Project for “Romeo and Juliet”
Project for “Romeo and Juliet”
The Birth of a New World / Nativity of a New World
Project for a mural for Helena Rubinstein
Mural painting for Helena Rubinstein
Mural painting for Helena Rubinstein
Mural painting for Helena Rubinstein
Nude on the Plain of Roses
Mrs. Ortiz de Linares / Portrait of Mrs. Ortiz de Linares
Mrs. Dorothy Spreckels / Portrait of Mrs. Dorothy Spreckels
Mrs. Charles Swift / Portrait of Mrs. Charles Swift
Princess Artchil Gourielli / Portrait of Princess Artchil Gourielli
Mrs. Luther Greene / Portrait of Mrs. Luther Greene
Marquis George de Cuevas / Portrait of Marquis George de Cuevas
Saint George
Mrs. Harrison Williams / Portrait of Mrs. Harrison Williams
“Geopoliticus” child watching the birth of the new man
His Excellency Don Juan Cardenas, Spanish Ambassador / Portrait of Juan Cárdenas
Poetry of America / The Cosmic Athletes
Project for “Café de Chinitas”
Project for “Café de Chinitas”
The Madonna
The Triumph of Tourbillon
Allegory of an American Christmas
Untitled / Dali Eyes Fashion for “Vogue”
New Accessories
Flying Giant Demi-Tasse with Incomprehensible Appendage Five Metres Long
One Second Before the Awakening from a Dream Provoked by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate / Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate One Second before Awakening
The God of the Bay of Roses
Portrait of Mrs. Jack Warner / Portrait of Ann Warner
Project for “Mad Tristan”
Project for “Mad Tristan”
Project for “Mad Tristan”
Project for “Mad Tristan”
Project for “Sentimental Colloquy”
The Seven Lively Arts. Art of the Theatre
The Seven Lively Arts. Art of Boogie-Woogie
The Seven Lively Arts. The Art of the Opera
The Seven Lively Arts. Art of the Ballet
The Seven Lively Arts. Art of the Concert
The Seven Lively Arts. Art of Cinema
The Seven Lively Arts. Art of Radio
Napoleon’s Nose, Transformed into a Pregnant Woman, Strolling His Shadow with Melancholia amongst Original Ruins
The Basket of Bread
Apotheosis of Homer (Diurnal Dream of Gala)
My Wife, Nude, Contemplating her own flesh becoming Stairs, Three Vertebrae of a Column, Sky and Architecture
Fountain of Milk Spreading Itself Uselessly upon Three Shoes
The Flight, The Temptation, The Love, The Broken Wings
Autumn Sonata
Uranium and Atomica Melancholica Idyll
The Broken Bridge and The Dream
Three Apparitions of the Visage of Gala
Portrait of Mrs. Isabel Styler-Tas / Melancholy
Project for “Spellbound”
Project for “Spellbound”
Project for “Spellbound”
Project for “Spellbound”
Project for “Spellbound”
Project for “Spellbound”
The Temptation of St. Anthony
Project for “Destino”
Project for “Destino”
Project for “Destino”
Project for “Destino”
Project for “Destino”
Project for “Destino”
Trilogy of the Desert. Invisible Lovers
Trilogy of the Desert. Oasis
Trilogy of the Desert. Mirage
Portrait de Luli Kollsman
Ravel’s Bolero
Project for “Vogue”

1947Leda Atomica (unfinished)
Leda Atomica
Portrait of Pablo Picasso in the Twenty-first Century (One of a series of portraits of Geniuses: Homer, Dali, Freud, Christopher Columbus, William Tell, etc.)
Dematerialization Near the Nose of Nero
Battle Around a Dandelion
St. George the Dragon-Killer / The Ear of Wheat
Intra-Atomic Equilibrium of a Swan’s Feather
Rock and Infuriated Horse Sleeping under the Sea
The Three Sphinxes of Bikini
Untitled / Landscape
Untitled / Nude in the Desert
Portrait of Enid Haldorn
Portrait of Nada Pachevich
Portrait of Elizabeth Gregory
Portrait of Mitzi Sigall
Project for “As you like it”
Project for “As you like it”
The Madonna of Portlligat (first version)
Portrait of Sir James Dunn
Portrait of Josephine Hartfort Bryce
Erotic Beach
Landscape of Portlligat with familiar angels and fishermen / The Arrival
Landscape of Portlligat
Dali à six ans soulevant avec précaution la peau de l’eau pour observer un chien dormir à l’ombre de la mer / Dalí at the Age of Six, When He Thought He Was a Girl, Lifting the Skin of the Water to See a Dog Sleeping in the Shade of the Sea
Le Morceau de Liège / The Piece of Cork / Study for “The Madonna of Portlligat”
Carnation and cloth of gold
Œillet mystique / Mystical Carnation
The Madonna of Portlligat
Portrait of Colonel Jack Warner
Le Christ / The Christ / Christ of Saint John of the Cross
Tête Raphaèlesque éclatée / Exploding Raphaelesque Head

Portrait of Berthe David-Weill
Croix nucléaire / Nuclear Cross
Nature morte évangélique / Evangelical Still Life / Eucharistic Still Life
Assumpta Corpuscularia Lapislazulina / Lapis Lazuline Corpuscular Assumpta
Gala Placidia / Galatea of the Spheres
Mistero delle Sfere / Mystery of the Spheres
L’Ange de Portlligat / The Angel of Portlligat
Portrait of Ann Woodward
Portrait of Mrs. Eric Phillips
Girl in love
Equestrian Fantasy / Portrait of Lady Dunn
Portrait of the prince Gourielli
Portrait of Mrs. James Reeves
Two adolescents
Noon / Barracks Portlligat
Gala Looking at the Hypercubic Christ
Study for “Hypercubic Christ”
Corpus hipercubus (Based on the treatise on cubic form by Juan de Herrera, builder of the Escorial) / Hypercubic Christ
Dali, nude, entranced in the contemplation of five regular bodies metamorphosed in corpuscles, in which suddenly appears Leonardo’s “Leda”, chromosomatised by the face of Gala
Maximum speed of Raphael’s Madonna
Microphysical Madonna
A shower of jazmine
Creazione dell’uomo / Creation of Man / Rhinocerontic Figure of Illisus of Phidias
Soft Watch Exploding in 888 Particles after Twenty Years of Total Immobility / Soft Watch at the Moment of Its First Explosion
Persistance de la mémoire corpusculaire / The Corpuscular Persistence of Memory / The chromosome of a highly-colored fish’s eye starting the harmonious disintegration of the persistence of memory
Galatea in formazione / Galatea in Creation / Galatea
The Flesh of the Décolleté of My Wife, Clothed, Outstripping Light at Full Speed / Portrait of Gala with Rhinocerontic Symptoms
Jeune vierge autosodomisée par sa propre chasteté / Young Virgin Auto-sodomized by Her Own Chastity
The Colossus of Rhodes
The Lighthouse of Alexandria
Lighthouse of Alexandria
Symphony in Reds and “Pings”
The Statue of Olympian Zeus
The Temple of Diana at Ephesus
The Walls of Babylon
Array / Walls of Babylon
The Sacrament of the Last Supper / The Last Supper
Copy of Vermeer’s “The Lacemaker”
Copie classique de “La Dentellière” / Classic Copy of “The Lacemaker”
Study for the Paranoiac-critical Study of Vermeer’s “The Lacemaker”
Étude paranoïaque-critique de de “La Dentellière” de Vermeer / Paranoiac-critical Study of Vermeer’s “The Lacemaker”
The Ascension of Saint Cecilia
Portrait of Dolores Suero Falla
Richard the Third / Portrait of Laurence Olivier in the Role of Richard the Third
Vibrations nues dématérialisant un nu habillé de vibrations super-nues / Nude Vibrations Dematerializing a Clothed Nude of Super-nude Vibrations
Saint entouré de trois pi-mésons / Saint Surrounded by Three Pi Mesons
Assumpta antiprotonica / Anti-protonic Assumpta
Sainte Hélène à Portlligat / Saint Helena at Portlligat
Compotier vertigineux / Vertiginous Fruit Bowl / Study for “Fast-moving Still Life”
L’hirondelle immobile / The Immobile Swallow
Nature Morte Vivante (Fast-moving Still Life) / Fast-moving Still Life
Landscape of Portlligat with approaching storm
“Chair de poule” rhinocérontique / Rhinocerontic “Gooseflesh”
Crâne de Zurbaran / Skull of Zurbarán
Santiago El Grande / Saint James the Great
Portrait of Theo Rossi
The Pyramids
Ballet. The Seven Lively Arts / Metamorphosed Women
Sports. The Seven Lively Arts / Celestial Ride
The Opera. The Seven Lively Arts / Grand Opera
Tragedy and Comedy. The Seven Lively Arts / Bewitchment
Television – Communications.The Seven Lively Arts / Modern Rhapsody
Dancing. The Seven Lively Arts / The Dance
Music. The Seven Lively Arts / Red Orchestra
Portrait of Arthur Clarke Herrington
Portrait of An Unidentified Man
Portrait of C. Z. Guest
Sunrise: Sir James Dunn / Portrait of Sir James Dunn
Portrait of Chester Dale / Portrait of Chester Dale with His Dog Coco
Portlligat at Sunset. Landscape
Paisaje de Portlligat / Landscape of Portlligat
Dionysus Spitting the Complete Image of Cadaqués on the Tip of the Tongue of a Three-Storied Gaudinian Woman
Velasquez painting the Infanta with the lights and shadows of his proper glory
Quasi-grey picture which, closely seen, is an abstract one; seen from two metres is the Sistine Madonna of Raphael; and from fifteen metres is the ear of an angel measuring one metre and a half; which is painted with anti-matter; therefore with pure energy / Madonna
The cut end of Van Gogh’s ear dematerializing itself from its frightful existentialism and pi-mesonically exploding in the dazzlement of Raphael’s Sistine Madonna / Cosmic Madonna
Pieta / Ascension
Virgin of Guadalupe. Patron Saint of Mexico / The Virgin of Guadalupe
The Rose / Meditative Rose
Christophe Colomb / Christopher Columbus / Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus
Girl Undressing
Illustration for “McCall’s” Magazine
Portrait of Reinaldo Herrera, Marquis de Torre Casa
Portrait of Alexander Guest
Portrait of Bobo Rockefeller (unfinished)
Portrait of Ghislaine Lewis
Portrait of Mildred Fagen
Untitled / After “Las Meninas” by Velázquez
Las Meninas / The Meninas
Saint Narcissus
Birth of a Goddess
Saint Jerome
About the “Speech on the Cubic Form” of Juan de Herrera
Double Image with Horses, Numbers and Nails
Portrait of Juan de Pareja, the Assistant of Velasquez / Portrait of Juan de Pareja Repairing a String of his Mandolin
Mary Magdalene
Goddess Leaning on her Elbow / Virgin Formed by Five Rhinoceros Horns
Hyper-xiological Sky / Hyper-xiological Sky (Signed with the Name of Gala and Lorca)
The Trinity / Study for “The Ecumenical Council”
The Ecumenical Council
Gala Nude from Behind / Gala from behind Looking in an Invisible Mirror
Portrait of Rosemary Chisholm
Portrait of Ruth Lachman
Portrait of Louis Sachar
Study of a Female Nude
Study of a Male Nude
Seated Female Nude
Array / Twist in Velásquez’s Studio
Twist en el estudio de Velázquez / Twist in the Studio of Velázquez
Study for “50 Abstract Paintings which Seen from Two Metres Change into Three Lenins Disguised as Chinese and Seen from Six Metres Appear as the Head of a Royal Tiger”
50 cuadros abstractos que a dos metros se convierten en tres Lenines disfrazados de chino y a seis metros forman la cabeza de un tigre real / 50 Abstract Paintings which Seen from Two Metres Change into Three Lenins Disguised as Chinese and Seen from Six Metres Appear as the Head of a Royal Tiger
Cristo del Vallés / Christ of Vallés
Study for “The Battle of Tetuan”
La Batalla de Tetuán (Homenaje a Mariano Fortuny) / The Battle of Tetuan (Homage to Marià Fortuny) / The Battle of Tetuan
“Impression” of Bouguereau
The Alchemist
Portrait of Ruth Daponte
Saint Georges
The Sacred Heart of Jesus
The Mystical Rose Madonna
Hercules Lifting the Skin of the Sea Asks Venus for One Moment Longer Before She Awakens Love
Portrait of my dead brother
Study for “Galacidalacidesoxiribunucleicacid (Homage to Crick and Watson)”
Study for “Desoxyribonucleic Acid Arabs”
Arabes ácidodesoxirribonucleicos / Desoxyribonucleic Acid Arabs
Portrait of Sara Maria Larrabure
Briggs Family Portrait
Portrait of Mon Ling Yu Landegger

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