Piaggio Avanti Evo Buy, Sell or Charter

Piaggio Avanti Evo  Buy, Sell or Charter

The instantly recognizable lines of Avanti EVO are the product of countless hours of research and development to create the perfect flying machine.

More than just beautiful and distinctive, Avanti EVO represents some of the most advanced aerodynamic concepts and manufacturing techniques in all of aviation.

Avanti EVO is the successor to Piaggio P180 Avanti II.

Avanti Evo is less expensive to purchase and run than any any other private jet by quite a margin.

The benefits of ownership are considerable. As well as flying one of the smartest, most efficient, aircraft in the skies,Piaggio Aerospace’s expansive customer support and service network minimises downtime.

The Ferrari of the skies  the bullet-like Piaggio Avanti EVO,

Piaggio Aerospace’s Abu Dhabi-based owner, Mubadala.




Evo, the third generation of the P 180 design, is updated with five-blade scimitar propellers that boost performance, new cabin layout options, and added safety systems. The airplane is quieter and more fuel-efficient than earlier versions, and the service and support network has improved, the company says. With a ceiling at 5 feet 9 inches, the custom interior feels roomy for eight in VIP seating, with new leather seats by Iacobucci that recline and rotate fully, plus plenty of fold-down tables, adjustable lighting, connectivity, and baggage space. Low noise levels and a cabin altitude of just 6,600 feet help minimize passenger fatigue. Evo cruises at speeds up to 463 mph for more than 1,900 miles.

Maximum Speed (at 31,000ft ISA) 745 km/h 402 KTAS
MMO   0.70 Mach
Max Range (NBAA IFR, Standard Conf.) 2,759 km 1,490 NM
Max Range (NBAA IFR, Increased Range Conf.) 3,278 km 1,770 NM
Service Ceiling 12,497 m 41,000 ft
Rate of Climb (MTOW, 12,100lb) 844 mpm 2,770 fpm
Take-Off Distance (SL, ISA, to clear 50ft) 972 m 3,190 ft
Landing Distance (SL, ISA, 50ft, MLW, no reverse) 1,000 m 3,282 ft

Piaggio Avanti Evo  Buy, Sell or Charter

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