Microsoft & LinkedIn have jointly launched a professional certificate program in Generative AI

Microsoft and LinkedIn have jointly launched a professional certificate program in Generative AI, and it’s causing quite a buzz in the professional community! Here are 15 outstanding free courses that you definitely don’t want to miss:

1️⃣ “Introduction to AI for All”: This course offers an insightful overview of AI tools tailored for project managers, executives, and those embarking on their AI careers. Explore it here: AI for All Course

2️⃣ “What Is Generative AI?”: Delve into the fundamentals, historical context, working principles, and ethical considerations surrounding Generative AI. Discover more: Generative AI Basics

3️⃣ “Generative AI: The Evolution of Thoughtful Online Search”: Uncover the distinctions between search and reasoning engines and master the art of thoughtful search strategies in Generative AI. Find out more: Generative AI Search

4️⃣ “Streamlining Your Work with Bing Chat”: Learn how to utilize Microsoft Bing Chat to automate and streamline tasks effectively. Explore this course: Bing Chat Automation

5️⃣ “Ethics in the Age of Generative AI”: This course addresses ethical concerns when deploying Generative AI and offers insights into the ethical analysis framework. Learn more here: Ethical AI Deployment

6️⃣ “Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals”: Discover how to use Azure Machine Learning to create and publish models without the need for extensive coding. Dive into it here: Azure AI Fundamentals

7️⃣ “Introduction to Machine Learning”: This course provides a great introduction to the basics and use cases of Machine Learning. Learn more: Machine Learning Introduction

8️⃣ “AI for Beginners – By Microsoft”: Check it out here: AI for Beginners

9️⃣ “AI for Everyone”: Explore this course here: AI for Everyone

🔟 “Deep Learning Specialization”: Uncover this course’s secrets to deep learning specialization: Deep Learning Specialization

  1. “Introduction to Large Language Models”: Get started with large language models and explore their potential. Dive in here: Large Language Models
  2. “Introduction to Responsible AI”: Find out more about responsible AI in this course: Responsible AI Introduction
  3. “Introduction to Image Generation”: Explore the world of image generation in AI: Image Generation Introduction
  4. “Create Image Captioning Models”: Dive into creating image captioning models with this course: Image Captioning Models
  5. “Introduction to Generative AI Studio”: Discover the world of Generative AI with this engaging course: Generative AI Studio

Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills with these free courses! Generative AI is an exciting field, and these resources can help you make the most of it.




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