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Billionaire art dealers David & Helly Nahmad´s NY office raided by the FBI.

The Helly Nahmad Gallery on Madison Avenue, got raided this morning by the FBI. The Nahmad family is one of the richest and most powerful art-dealing dynasties in the world. The reason being  a possible $100+ million money-laundering case against illegal gambling rings operated by Russian organized crime, the funds entered US via Cyprus shell companies, somehow the art dealing family have got involved...

Carbon beach in Malibu California is Americas “Billionaires Beach” residents also count leaders of Hollywood’s Music and film industry

Carbon beach on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu California is Americas "Billionaires Beach" All 70 Houses are nearly owned by a Billionaire. Carbon Beach is Malibu’s most Exclusive beach front. The world’s wealthiest have a residence here, therefore Billionaires’ Beach. Extending about a mile and a half along the Pacific Coast Highway, only 70 beach houses are located here, the owners include...

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