🎾 Rafa Nadal Academy Finds a Home in Malaga’s Inacua Centre! 🌟

🎾 Rafa Nadal Academy Finds a Home in Malaga’s Inacua Centre! 🌟

The eagerly awaited Rafa Nadal Academy in Malaga has set its sights on an exciting new location – the existing Inacua Centre on Calle Marilyn Monroe! This groundbreaking decision comes hot on the heels of a visit from none other than the tennis star’s father, Sebastian Nadal, and the esteemed director of international development for the Rafa Nadal Academy, Carlos Costa.

The announcement marks a pivotal moment in the project’s development, signaling a shift in strategy for Sierra Blanca Estates, the driving force behind this state-of-the-art tennis center on the Costa del Sol. Initially eyeing the Martín Carpena sports arena car park, the project faced potential delays of over two years due to procedural intricacies.

However, fueled by a commitment to bringing this unique sports facility to life sooner, Sierra Blanca Estates has pivoted to the Inacua Centre, a move that promises to expedite the realization of the Rafa Nadal Academy in Malaga.

Sebastian Nadal’s recent visit to the Inacua Centre underlines the personal investment and enthusiasm the Nadal family brings to this venture. Coupled with the presence of Carlos Costa, who holds a key role in the international development of the Rafa Nadal Academy, the visit solidifies the commitment to creating a world-class tennis destination in the heart of Malaga.

But that’s not all – Sierra Blanca Estates is on the verge of finalizing an agreement with the current concessionaire of the Inacua Centre. This landmark deal positions Sierra Blanca Estates to take over the facility for the remaining ten years of the concession, coupled with an ambitious plan to revamp and expand the existing facilities by utilizing an additional 5,000 square meters of available space.

The Inacua Centre, originally awarded to the Ferrovial company in 2014 with a 20-year concession, has been a hub for sports enthusiasts, particularly in the realm of tennis. Currently operated by Serveo, Ferrovial’s services company, the facility has undergone various phases of management, with the Portobello fund holding a significant stake since last year.

Sources close to the development indicate that Sierra Blanca Estates is finalizing the acquisition of shares from Serveo, sealing the fate of the Inacua Centre’s transformation. The proposed development envisions a tennis haven sprawled over 22,580 square meters, featuring a grand central court for major competitions, complemented by additional courts, offices, a museum, a restaurant, and a gymnasium.

Noteworthy is the exclusion of the Inacua pools from the project, as they are part of a separate concession also operated by Serveo. The recent approval for a one-year extension of operation by the city hall further highlights the ongoing commitment to enhancing the overall sports infrastructure in Malaga.

As the agreement between Sierra Blanca Estates and Serveo nears its finalization, anticipation builds for the unveiling of the Rafa Nadal Academy in Malaga, a testament to the convergence of sporting excellence and visionary development on the Costa del Sol. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting chapter in the world of tennis! 🎾🌟 #RafaNadalAcademy #MalagaTennis #InacuaCentre #SierraBlancaEstates #SportsInMalaga 🇪🇸

Source https://www.surinenglish.com

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