🎾 Rafa Nadal Academy Finds a Home in Malaga’s Inacua Centre! 🌟

🎾 Rafa Nadal Academy Finds a Home in Malaga's Inacua Centre! 🌟 The eagerly awaited Rafa Nadal Academy in Malaga has set its sights on an exciting new location – the existing Inacua Centre on Calle Marilyn Monroe! This groundbreaking decision comes hot on the heels of a visit from none other than the tennis star's father, Sebastian Nadal, and the esteemed director of international development for...

President Putins Mansion in La Zagaleta South of Spain

With beautifully manicured land, large gardens, stables, club houses and 24 hour security, many of the rich and famous have chosen la Zagaleta as a residence.Will you ?   Information about La Zagaleta the luxurious resort near Marbella. ... Horse owning resident may stable their own horses in the club's facilities.  President Putin has bought a Mansion via a company  in La...

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