Virgin Galactic passenger list

This is an up-to-date list of all known space tourists who have booked a flight with Virgin Galactic.

Jul 11, 2021 — Virgin Galactic said Elon Musk has bought a ticket for his own space ride

The  Virgin Galactic passenger list

Virgin Galactic themselves don’t publish a list of their customers. In total +650 tickets have been sold


THE SPACESHIP COMPANY unveils its new and first final assembly facility. The hangar known as FAITH- (Final Assemmbly Integration Test Hangar). In the foreground is the mated pair, WhiteKnnight Two and SpaceShip Two.

Many thousands more have expressed interest but not yet signed the contracts and made the required advance payments. If you have a further addition for the list, drop us an email to: [email protected]

Count Ticket # Name Background References
1   Alan Stern     #1
2   Alan Stern’s +1     #1
3   Alan Walton American   #1
4   Alan Watts British, Managing Director of GE   #1
5   Angelina Jolie American actress, passenger on maiden flight   #1
6   Ann Klefbom Has reserved but seeks sponsors to pay   #1
7   Anousheh Ansari Electrical engineer, American of Iranian origin   #1
8   Ashish Thakkar Real estate magnate, UK/Africa/Dubai   #1
9   Bassim Haidar     #1
10   Bengt Soderqvist A 71-year old from Sweden   #1
11   Bill Cullen Irish businessman (Renault), philanthropist, and reality TV host   #1
12 195 Bob Kulick Owner of the CiCi’s Pizza chain in Coppell, Texas   #1
13   Brad Pitt American actor, passenger on second flight   #1
14   Bryan Singer X-Men film director   #1
15   Charles Barton Rice     #1
16   Craig Burkinshaw British, boss of Audley Travel   #1
17   Dan Durda Space scientist   #1
18   David Horowitz With wife Michelle   #1
19 161 Diana Cloud From Sarasota, Florida   #1
20   Doug Ramsburg American, free ticket winner   #1
21   Dr Alan Finkel COSMOS Science Magazine co-founder, Australian   #1
22 128 Edward Roski Jr American, real estate developer   #1
23   Edwin Sahakian Holds a founder’s position and hopes to be the first Armenian in space   #1
24   Franz Kaiser Swiss   #1
24   Jens Kyllönen 23-year-old Finnish poker player   #1
25   George Whitesides     #1
26   Glenys Ambe Brisbane businesswoman, to be first Australian woman in space   #1
27 182 Grant Roberts Scottish entrepreneur   #1
28   Holly Branson Richard Branson’s daughter   #1
29   Ibrahim Sharaf Of the United Arab Emirates, Sharaf Group President   #1
30   Igor Kutsenko Runs an advertisement agency   #1
31   Jackie Maw Real estate agent, from Christchurch NZ   #1
32 610 James Clash A US adventurer and business journalist   #1
33   James Lovelock     #1
34   John Criswick Canadian, CEO of a mobile software company   #1
35   Juroslav Buljubasic Businessman from Split, Croatia   #1
36 1 Ken Baxter American, a “first founder” hoping to fly on the first flight   #1
37   Laurance Rassin From New York, wants to be first American artist in space   #1
38   Lina Borozdina-Birch American, chemist   #1
39   Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides Wife of co-passenger George Whitesides   #1
40   Makouri Scott Artist from New Zealand   #1
41   Marc Hagle With wife Sharon   #1
42 329 Marcia Fiamengo COO for The Federation of Galaxy Explorers   #1
43   Mario Ferreira Hopes to be the first Portuguese in space   #1
44   Mark Rocket New Zealander   #1
45   Matthew D. Upchurch CEO of Virtuoso, American   #1
46   Matthew Pritzker American, owner of a venture capital firm   #1
47   Maureen Gannon From San Francisco, one of first 80 ticket buyers   #1
49   Michelle Horowitz Wife of passenger David Horowitz   #1
50   Miguel Iturmendi Test pilot   #1
51   Mirko Tus Slovenian entrepreneur   #1
52   Mirko Tus’s guest Slovenian entrepreneur is giving a free ticket to one of his customers   #1
53   Namira Salim Pakistani, artist and humanitarian   #1
54   Niki Lauda Austrian, former Formula One racing driver   #1
55   Noriaki Inami Japanese, System Engineer   #1
56   Paris Hilton American celebrity   #1
57   Per Wimmer Danish investment banker and adventurer   #1
58   Peter Gibson Canadian   #1
59   Peter Ulrich von May Swiss, Asset Manager   #1
60   Philippe Starck French designer   #1
61   PJ King Former software expert, one of first 100 passengers   #1
62   Princess Beatrice British, first royal in space   #1
63 205 Richard Burr Property developer, from Norfolk UK   #1
64 93 Richard Laronde American, owner of an event planning business   #1
65   Ronan McCarthy     #1
66   Rubens Barrichello Brazilian, Formula One racing driver   #1
67   Sam Branson Richard Branson’s son   #1
68   Scott Borden American   #1
69   Sergei Tyaglov Flying with Igor Kutsenko   #1
70   Sergei Tyaglov’s father     #1
71   Sergei Tyaglov’s mother     #1
72   Sharon Hagle Wife of passenger Marc Hagle   #1
73   Sir Richard Branson     #1
74   Sonja Rohde German   #1
75   Stephen Hawking British physicist   #1
76   Terje Olsen The first Norwegian to sign up, and hopes to be the first Norwegian in space   #1
77   Timur Artemyev     #1
78   Timur Artemyev’s wife     #1
79   Tom Hanks American actor   #1
80   Tom Higgins Irish   #1
81   Trevor Beattie British, advertising executive   #1
82   Vesa Heilala Second Finn to buy a ticket   #1
83   Victoria Principal American actress   #1
84   Wayne Glynne Australian, winner of an IBM sales prize   #1
85   Xavier Gabriel Spanish, lottery vendor   #1
86 144 Yanik Silver Founder of Maverick Business Adventures, from Potomac, USA   #1

Just in from Las Vegas

Hello from Las Vegas, in reviewing your list you can add Alberto Chang from Peru a friend of mine.  I purchased the first ticket in 2004 and did not see that on you ticket #.

With best wishes,

Rocket man

ken baxter

 Virgin Galactic passenger list for flights beginning 2014  include Bradd Pitt, Elon Muskr, Holly and Richard Branson, British Royalty and YOU  

Virgin says we have had an unprecedented amount of interest in making reservations and now have over 650 Future Astronauts who have confirmed their flights. We have several charters booked as people have chosen to share their experience with friends, family or colleagues. 


Charter Price – There are 6 seats on each flight priced individually at $250k. The earlier you book the better, as the flight order is based on your date of payment. The full amount is due at the time of booking in order to confirm your flight.


Timeline – We are well underway in the test flight program and have begun powered test flights! We aim to fly the inaugural flight with Richard Branson and his family in 2014. Passenger flights will begin after that. 


Location and Training – Three days prior to your flight you will be required to travel to Spaceport America in New Mexico, the world’s first purpose-built spaceport. You will receive all the necessary preparation needed for your spaceflight, which will happen on the fourth day.


The ticket price includes your training, accommodations, spaceflight, photography and transportation for the duration of your stay at SpacePort America (4 days). You are responsible for flying into New Mexico however we take it from there once you land!

The flight begins with SpaceShip2 attached to a larger carrier craft, WhiteKnight2, which will climb to ~55,000′ (flying altitude of the Concorde). This portion takes about an hour and will be a comfortable, easy ride. Carrying six passengers and two pilots, the spaceship is then released and the hybrid-fuel rocket is fired, launching you into space at Mach 3.5, taking you to an altitude of ~110km in 65-75 seconds (past the international space line). The engine will then turn off and you’ll experience total serenity, weightlessness and awe as you look back at the Earth from space. After about 10 minutes in space, the feathering technology will deploy, positioning you for the optimum angle at which to return to the Earth’s atmosphere. The descent includes G forces up to Gx 6, and once back in our atmosphere you’ll comfortably glide back down to the same runway at Spaceport America, taking another hour and fifteen minutes. Total travel time: 2.5 hours.


First Rocket Powered Flight

April 2013, Mojave CA

SpaceShipTwo achieved Mach 1.22 during its first rocket powered flight, becoming the first commercial vehicle since the Concorde to break the speed of sound. This important milestone officially marks Virgin Galactic’s entrance into the final phase of vehicle testing prior to commercial service from Spaceport America in New Mexico.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 8.21.05 PM

Book your personal,  Space flight 5 friends or family members, price usd1.25million. 

Email me details of the people that like to book and fly in 2014- 2015.

Best Regards

Stefan Katafai
[email protected]
+34 637 97 37 42

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