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Marbella 2023 – Remarkable surge in demand for Residential Properties

In the realm of real estate, 2022 revealed a tale of two contrasting periods, painting a vivid picture of trends within the property market. The year commenced with a remarkable surge in demand for residential properties, attributed directly to the pandemic's influence. Unexpectedly, this surge persisted well into the year, culminating in an astonishing 108% increase in travelers passing through the...

Costa del Sol – Spain: June Tourism Surges, Foreign Property Buyers on the Rise

In the first quarter of 2023, the province of Málaga witnessed a substantial surge in foreign property buyers, as 33.5% of all properties sold were purchased by foreigners. As we approach June, Marbella and the Costa del Sol region are preparing for an extraordinary level of tourism that is expected to surpass pre-pandemic statistics. Tourism experts project that the number of overnight stays will...

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