Ascari Ronda Racetrack Under New Ownership by Swiss Millionaire Francisco Fernández

The prestigious Ascari race track, often dubbed the "Circuit of the Stars," situated between Ronda and Teba, is now under new ownership. Swiss banking security expert and millionaire entrepreneur, Francisco Fernández, the founder of Avaloq, has taken the reins after a substantial investment of approximately 25 million euros. This transition marks a significant change for Ascari, a facility cherished...

List of Top 50 most popular Sports in Spain

List of Top 50 most popular Sports in Spain 1) Football: With 1,063,090 registered players and famous clubs like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, football is the most popular sport in Spain. It captivates fans nationwide, showcasing intense rivalries and thrilling matches in domestic leagues like La Liga. 2) Basketball: Spain has a strong...

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