Genal river

🚰 Malaga’s Water Woes: The Unfulfilled Lifesaver Projects 🌊

🚰 Malaga's Water Woes: The Unfulfilled Lifesaver Projects 🌊 Since the drought crisis of 1995, Malaga's authorities have grappled with recurring severe droughts, and while numerous projects have been studied and approved, many remain unrealized. Ignacio Lillo sheds light on the critical projects that, if executed, could have been a lifeline for the province in its current water crisis. La...

Explore Andalucía’s Top Ten Rivers: Perfect for Summer Visits and Bathing

Experience the natural wonders of Andalucía this summer by visiting and bathing in its top ten rivers. While the region is renowned for its beautiful beaches, there are also hidden gems in nature where you can take a refreshing dip and cool off. As the temperatures rise, it's time to break away from the usual beach routine and explore the rich natural heritage of Andalucía, which includes rivers and...

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