El Rosario

Properties for sale in Marbella East, personal search offered

https://youtu.be/f0HakCFte_0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjbaQz79pbk I can help with a personal search for your ideal Property in the greater Marbella area. Please use the contact form tags,keywords properties for sale in Marbella East. Los Monteros, Cabopino, parts of Elviria and Marbesa and Carib Playa are beachside residential areas of Marbella East. Elviria, El Rosario and Hacienda Las...

Real Estate Report – South of Spain.

The Spanish Property crisis started in 2008 and more or less ended in 2013.Properties are not falling anymore and people are no longer given up on their mortgages to the Spanish Banks. The time is right to  buy now. In 2013 Buyers wondered if they bought to early, now it looks like 2013 was the year the marked turned around.And the fear will be to buy before the Spanish Property bargains run...

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