3 Soap2Day films that motivate because they show the power of personality

To achieve success in one activity or another, perhaps, each of us needs motivation. But where to draw it, this motivation? In our world there are a lot of books, motivating movies on Soap2Day, which can push one to the right path.

3 films that motivate because they show the power of personality

Sometimes for someone enough and a story of a real person to break the deadlock and strive to achieve their goal. Constant reminders to yourself of what everyone goes through a real thorny path for, always warms the soul.

So, here is a list of three films that can motivate you and help you achieve the necessary goals:

1. Legend No. 17

Danila Kozlovsky as Valery Kharlamov truly managed to become a real motivator in this movie. Thanks to his perseverance and drive, Valery was able to reach great heights, despite incredible difficulties. The very game that brought Kharlamov great success took place on September 2, 1972. At the time, to beat Canada, and with a score of 7-3, everyone considered impossible, as no one believed in the Soviet team.

Then the story takes us to Moscow, where the hockey player meets Anatoly Tarasov, a great coach who invites him to join his team. Overcoming all the difficulties of adaptation, Kharlamov was able to show excellent results in the Chelyabinsk region and decided to return to Moscow. But the most important thing in this movie is Kharlamov's motivator, his wife. After all, thanks to her he was able to spit on his injuries and return to his favorite business.

2. Koroleva benzokolonki

She tried herself as an announcer on TV, but did not pass the contest because of her diction. She also dreamt of becoming a stewardess, but that did not work out either. Despite all the difficulties, she decided to try her hand and enrolled in the ensemble "Ballet on Ice". But since there was no ice, she continued to train on roller skates. Soon she became a gas station attendant.

Her positive attitude toward life, resourcefulness and cheerful disposition helped her adapt and master her new job, which radically changes her life. The movie is filled with lightness and unobtrusive plot. And most importantly, this movie, like no other, shows us how sometimes small difficulties motivate us to great achievements.

3. 1 1

You can immerse yourself in this story thanks to its realism. But it is mostly a movie about strength of spirit and human relationships. And to understand the meaning, it is not necessary to know that the plot is based on real events. The plot is built on how, thanks to one person, destiny can turn around. The main thing in life is people who stay by your side and support you when difficulties arise, even in the case of disability. The film teaches us to appreciate our loved ones, to find the meaning of life and to enjoy it.

Motivate yourself and have fun doing what you love. What films would you recommend?

Author: Soap 2Day

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