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jan 2024

42m super yacht only 2.650.000 euros !!


The Yacht Acquisition Journey: Smooth Sailing from Bid to Ownership! 🌊⚓

Embarking on the exhilarating journey of acquiring a repossessed yacht? Here’s a step-by-step guide to navigate the process seamlessly.

  1. Discuss Your Voyage – Dial to Deliberate! 📞🚤 Begin by engaging in a telephonic discussion to determine the bid price for the yacht that captures your maritime dreams.
  2. Formalize Intent – Pen Down Your Bid! 🖋️🛥️ Cement your interest by submitting a written bid, setting the wheels in motion for yacht ownership.
  3. Anticipation Builds – Await Committee Response! ⏳🤞 The committee, the gatekeeper to your maritime dreams, typically takes 2-3 days to review and respond to your bid.
  4. Contract Crafting – Navigating the Fiscal Waters! 📃🌐 If your bid finds favor, a comprehensive contract is drawn up. An addendum with a fiscal compliance questionnaire ensures transparency and outlines required seller documentation.
  5. Seal the Deal – Sign with Confidence! 🤝✍️ Upon acceptance, the contract is signed by all qualified parties involved, formalizing the beginning of your yacht ownership journey.

Buyer Essentials: Setting Sail with Prerequisites! 🌐💰

  1. Deposit Dynamics – Securing Your Maritime Venture! 💎🔐 A 10% deposit of the contract price is a pivotal step, payable to an independent Escrow agency approved by the yacht acquisition team.
  2. Inspection Initiatives – Eyes on Every Detail! 👀🛳️ A qualified marine surveyor, appointed and paid by you, inspects the yacht thoroughly, ensuring its seaworthiness.
  3. Deposit Clearing – Ready to Lift Anchors! 💵🚢 Once the 10% deposit reflects as ‘cleared funds,’ the yacht undergoes a lift from the water, with a thorough check on land at the buyer’s expense.
  4. Anti-Fouling Adventure – Prepping for Maximum Speed! 🌊🛠️ The surveyor-approved yacht undergoes anti-fouling at the buyer’s cost, preparing it for a sea trial and ensuring peak performance.
  5. Sea Trial Splendor – Two Hours of Nautical Bliss! ⏲️🌅 A recommended 2-hour sea trial, arranged at the buyer’s expense, includes representatives from the engine manufacturer, scrutinizing every aspect of the vessel.
  6. Appraisal Assurance – Expert Opinions Seal the Fate! 📜🛳️ Yacht and engine surveyors provide a written appraisal. If deemed acceptable, the sale progresses as per the terms outlined in the sales contract.

Legalities Unveiled: Contracts, Deposits, and Surveys! 📑💼

  1. Contractual Clarity – Mediterranean Memorandum of Agreement! 🤝🌍 Exclusively utilizing the Mediterranean yacht broker’s memorandum of agreement, we ensure clarity and transparency throughout the buying process.
  2. Deposits Demystified – Escrow or Legal Guardianship! 🔒🤲 All deposits find a secure abode at an independent Escrow agent or Lawyer, safeguarding your financial commitment.
  3. Surveyor’s Scrutiny – Your Eyes on Yacht Health! 👁️‍🗨️🛥️ As the buyer, you take charge of instructing and funding a qualified surveyor to inspect the yacht. Their report becomes a pivotal factor in determining the sale’s fate.

Ready to sail into yacht ownership with confidence and flair? Your maritime adventure awaits, and every step ensures a voyage filled with excitement and security! ⛵✨ #YachtAcquisition #SailWithConfidence #MaritimeAdventure #SmoothSailing #YachtingDreams

Huge discount on yachts

Huge discounts on super yachts of all sizes



BANK REPO yacht it will sell at a great price quite soon.

Bargain 44m Trideck yacht by Tecnomar €6.3million now reduced by 60%

Riva Opera Forced sale  save +60%

2 Yachts in Spain urgent sale price best offer (sold with more than 50% discount) +34 637 97 37 42

Luxury Yachts repossessed by Banks & urgent private Sales.



The Yachts are located in the Mediterranean primary Spain, Italy, France & Greece.

Also buy and sell


 AB FLY 92
Azumut 103
One O One Luxury Motor Yacht
 Save 40/50% BARGAIN Princesss V72 yacht 210 hours as new 2014

Bank repo yacht  –  27M  was €6m now €1.2m  or a 80% discount compared to org. list price


Luxury classy sport fishing  yacht  or recreational  yacht.Very good condition.

A the moment  there are  a few fantastic  super yacht deals.Please tell me your requirements.

Please use the contact form. You will thereafter receive full info and a VIP invitation  to see the amazing deals with your own eyes.

We are talking super yachts with discounts of at least 40% compared to normal prices.One has got a discount of 80%

If you like to enjoy a super yacht without loosing a fortune, when you have to resell, now is the time to buy.



Cantieri di Pisa AKHIR 25 only euro 150.000 should be euro 500.000




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