Luxembourg bank offer advise.The best Tax residence for you?

Luxembourg  is the premier private banking centre in

the Eurozone and the second largest fund centre in the


Due to its political and economic stability as well

as its innovative and international orientation, the

Luxembourg financial centre is an ideal hub for private

and institutional investors from all over the world.




 Luxembourg has an AAA credit rating.

 Luxembourg has a flexible legal and regulatory environment designed to promote and attract foreign investment.

 Luxembourg is not included in the OCDE uncooperative tax havens list.



• Luxembourg is home to an attractive tax regime; accordingly, Luxembourg entities may be structured in such a

way so as to assure tax neutrality.

• A wide choice of international compliant wealth planning vehicles, (both funds and corporate structures)

• Aggregate general corporate profit tax rate of 29.22 % (however under certain conditions tax relief may be

granted, e.g. participation exemption, IP box regime, others)

• Extensive double tax treaty network and access to EU Directives

• Broad participation exemption regime (dividends, liquidation proceeds and capital gains)

• No withholding tax on interest and royalties

• Limited capital gains taxation for non-residents

• Leading investment fund centre in Europe and second only in the world behind the United States

• Investment Funds are generally not liable to corporate income tax, municipal business tax and net wealth tax

• Rate of tax on the payments of royalties, interest and on partial or complete proceeds from liquidation: 0%

• Rate of value-added tax (VAT): (maximum) 17%

• Preferential taxation of Companies for Intellectual Property: 5.84%

• Over ˃ 70 double tax treaties signed following OECD model.


Luxembourg as a Tool Box

Luxembourg offers a number of wealth planning structures, both regulated (under the financial regulator supervision, CSSF) or

unregulated, depending on the needs of the client or the project.

SOPARFI (Holding company)




• Assets eligible to participation exemption regime

• Carried interest

• Real estate (indirectly)

• IP Assets

• Specifically designed for “private” investors

• Passive asset management (accumulation of investment income in a tax neutral vehicle)

• Securitisation of all kind of assets or risks linked to any of these assets.

• May have access to EU directives and double tax treaties (case-by-case analysis)


Private Wealth Management Company (“SPF”) and Malta Company

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 10.39.39


• Client wishing to invest in both commercial and

private real estate.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 10.37.20

Envisaged solution

• Setting up a dedicated Soparfi which is part of an existing securitisation platform which will  acquire the real estate on behalf of the client.


• Structure can be opaque or transparent.

• Unregulated structure.

• Maximum protection given to the client due to

the bonds issuance.


Life insurance / Restructuring Foreign Holding Structures


• The client is a wealthy business man

• He is concerned about his privacy and he would like to increase his asset protection

• Upon his demise he wishes that the asset is transferred to his wife and child in a

smooth way.


Envisaged solution

• The client concludes a life insurance policy, of which he is the policyholder and the

insured person.

• Investments portfolio held by the Holding company is transferred to the Insurance

Company as premium contribution.

• The Holding company can be liquidated further to the transfer of the insurance

company of the assets previously held

• Wife and children are appointed as beneficiaries of the life insurance policy.


• Out of the scope of CFC rules

• No capital gain tax

• Tax deferral on income accrued within the policy

• Additional layer of privacy and asset protection (e.g. insurance secrecy and investor


• No long probate on insurance proceeds to be transferred to beneficiaries upon client’s


Trust & wealth structuring services

We provide a “one-stop-shop” service to meet the needs of our customers. A person / team dedicated to your project will be

made available to ensure the launch until its completion.

To this end, we will ensure the following services in addition to traditional banking services :

• Guidance and support on the choice and establishment and management of the legal structure

• Liaison with our preferred trust and fiduciary partners on all aspects of the structure

• Provision of Luxembourg resident director if required

• Provision of registered address and ancillary services

We can provide assistance and advice on a comprehensive range of wealth structuring solutions that will protect your assets

and offer your family security and an enduring legacy. We have an expertise and experience in structuring complex

international structures such as trusts, foundations and fund structures in different jurisdictions, and work closely with other

professionals to provide a tailored solution for managing and preserving wealth.

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