2 x Gulfstream 650 jet for sale, owners include Wynn, Sir Peter Jackson,Walmart,The Sawaris family and Exxon Mobil

2 x Gulfstream 650 jet for sale.

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Stephen Wynn owner of Wynn Resorts bought  the very first twin-engined Gulfstream G650, the World´s number 1 private business jet

This jet was purchased in Oregon (Nike also has snapped up one of the new planes) and is the company’s largest jet, ever, with an 18-passenger capacity and a full kitchen and a bar onboard.

Billionaire Stephen Wynn has been a loyal Gulfstream customer for years, in part because he enjoys comfort and likes to travel fast. This craft cuts through the skies at nearly the speed of sound and is fairly economical, too, getting 7,000 miles from a single tank of gas (that’s a flight from New York to Tokyo). The G650 is being used even now to fly guests to Las Vegas from Asia for New Year’s Eve. The new jet might be the one to replace the 11-seat Challenger aircraft Wynn gave to Garth Brooks so that Brooks and Trisha Yearwood could fly back and forth to Las Vegas for Brooks’ run at Encore Theater.

The Wynn jet is  exceedingly rare, just the seventh G650 to come off the assembly line. Its base ticket price is $65 million, the Wynn Resorts is the first company in the world to own this particular aircraft. So these are high times, indeed, for Mr. Wynn, who turns 71 in January 2013.

The next available G650 won’t be delivered until 2017 — and there’s no way to jump the line, Gulfstream says.

“You are not allowed to sell your position,” communications head Steve Cass said in an interview at the Paris Air Show.

Customers sign a contract that includes a non-assignability clause, he explained. Of course, you are allowed to sell the G650 once you take delivery, but “if we get any indication that you sold, or were conspiring to sell the aircraft beforehand, we will take remedy to that,” Cass said. “We do not want speculators in the marketplace.”

Obviously, a $65 million jet draws some very wealthy and high-profile customers. But “everyone’s treated exactly the same,” Cass noted.

The G650 has become a hot topic among wealthy jetsetters, but Cass argued that the plane is actually “not a status symbol” for celebrities, noting that the vast majority of its 200 plus orders are from corporations.

May 2013, Sir Peter Jackson has bought a new $80 million jet.

His holding company ZKKFB took possession of a Gulfstream GVI G650 in March, according to financing statements filed with the Companies Office.

Jackson is in good company – chatshow host Oprah Winfrey and investor Warren Buffett are also said to be lining up to buy the same type of aircraft.

Current owners include “Lord of the Rings” director Sir Peter Jackson,Wynn, Walmart, and Exxon Mobil.Swap Shop founder Preston Henn.


Nike has registered the aircraft with the FAA under the personalised serial number N1KE, which previously was used to identify the company’s Gulfstream GV business jet.


In September, billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, CEO of Formula 1 auto racing, sold his G650 to a Japanese businessman for $72 million.

Nassef Sawiris and his father, Onsi Sawiris  both own a Gulfstream G650 they are registered in the Isle of Man.

The most recent G650 to be delivered (msn 6047 / M-KSSN), left the Gulfstream factory in Savannah, Georgia on 21 November 2013, with the Isle of Man register showing that this is registered to NS Aviation Limited in Bermuda. NS Aviation has operated private jets before, including a Falcon 900DX and Challenger 604, both of which were registered as VP-BNS.

Three days prior to this saw the delivery of the first of the two G650s. The aircraft (msn 6037 / M-USIK) left Savannah on 18 November, with the recent Isle of Man register update showing that this is registered to OS Aviation Limited in Bermuda. The aircraft is operated by YYA Management who is known to have previously operated aircraft on behalf of the Orascom Group of companies.

The Orascom Group is mostly involved in construction and telecommunications technology, but is perhaps best known globally for installing and running the 3G phone network in North Korea. The family, based in Cairo, is headed by Onsi Sawiris who Forbes estimated to be worth $2.9 billion in 2011. Although Osni has now effectively retired from the company, he is still involved with the larger group decisions. His initials form the OS in OS Aviation, who own G650 M-USIK.

Gulfstream delivered six G650s in 2012.In 2013, the company has delivered nearly 50 G650 aircraft to customers.

The Aircraft are based in Asia,Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America.

Gulfstream G650 deliveries to date

No. Date Serial Reg Operator Country Base
60 01/04/2014 6068 VP-CKB Wilmar International Limited Singapore XSP
59 21/03/2014 6066 EC-LZU Gestair Spain MAD
58 12/03/2014 6062 HB-IVJ ExecuJet Switzerland GVA
57 06/03/2014 6064 N311CG Rakuten Inc Japan HND
56 03/03/2014 6053 N2N Laurene Powell Jobs USA SJC?
55 27/02/2014 6059 N8833 Currently Unknown USA TEB
54 12/02/2014 6060 N651CH JPMorgan Chase & Co USA HPN
53 11/02/2014 6063 N663GA Saban Music Group Inc USA BUR
52 11/02/2014 6040 OY-GLF ExecuJet Europe A/S Denmark RKE
51 03/02/2014 6034 VP-CNR Rashid Engineering Saudi Arabia RUH
50 20/01/2014 6056 N374FS Fayez Sarofim & Co USA IAH
49 14/01/2014 6049 M-JCBB JC Bamford UK EMA
48 24/12/2013 6055 N44KJ NASJet Saudi Arabia RUH
47 09/12/2013 6052 N927MC Northeastern Aviation Corp USA FRG
46 09/12/2013 6057 N650DA Adam Aviation USA CLL
45 21/11/2013 6047 M-KSSN NS Aviation Egypt CAI
44 21/11/2013 6051 N650TP Third Point LLC USA TEB
43 19/11/2013 6042 N28LL ROP Aviation, Inc. USA TEB
42 19/11/2013 6050 N650PR Prem Rawat Foundation USA BED
41 18/11/2013 6037 M-USIK OS Aviation / YYA Aviation Egypt CAI
40 18/11/2013 6054 N650GL Registered to Trustee USA BWI
39 15/11/2013 6031 N606SA Grupo Aval Acciones Y Valores, S.A. of Bogota Colombia BOG
38 01/11/2013 6044 N22T Richardson Aviation USA FTW
37 28/10/2013 6048 N773MJ Silver Stream Aviation USA FRG
36 30/09/2013 6043 ZK-KFB Peter Jackson New Zealand WLG
35 26/09/2013 6028 G-ULFS Dyson UK BRS
34 25/09/2013 6003 N211HS Starbucks USA BFI
33 19/09/2013 6036 N650SS Dallah Avco Saudi Arabia JED
32 18/09/2013 6038 N278L Nant Holdings LLC USA VNY
31 16/09/2013 6045 N67WB W R Berkley Corp USA HPN
30 12/09/2013 6041 N650CK Seatankers Management UK BQH
29 09/09/2013 6039 N650DX Dick’s Sporting Goods USA PIT
28 09/08/2013 6029 EC-LYK Telefonica Spain MAD
27 28/07/2013 6033 XA-BAL Aerovics SA de CV Mexico TLC
26 20/07/2013 6023 G-OMRE Bernie Ecclestone sold to Japan UK BQH
25 18/07/2013 6035 N880MD Everest Capital USA OPF
24 12/07/2013 6032 M-GSIX Operated by ExecuJet UK CBG
23 09/07/2013 6026 N919SB Gama Aviation FZJ UAE SHJ
22 28/06/2013 6030 N650MT Prince Mohammed bin Fahd bin Abdul-Aziz bin Saud Saudi Arabia JED
21 28/06/2013 6027 N521HN Saban Capital / Amuse Capital Japan HND
20 28/06/2013 6005 N914BD Dillards Stores USA LIT
19 27/06/2013 6024 N1KE Phil KnightGulfstream G650 jet owned by  Nike USA HIO
18 25/06/2013 6025 VP-CZZ Jet Aviation Hong Kong China HKG
17 3105/2013 6022 N650HC Group Holdings E G Inc USA FTW
16 28/05/2013 6017 N886WT Qualcomm USA SAN
15 20/05/2013 6019 N650RR Million Air / RR Investmentsg650 N650RR USA ADS
14 17/04/2013 6016 VP-CZA Jet Aviation Business Jets UAE DXB
13 04/04/2013 6020 N520GA Honeywell Inc USA PHX
12 29/03/2013 6021 N305CC Carnival Corp USA FLL
11 28/03/2013 6018 N673HA Hamilton Aviation Inc USA HIO
10 21/03/2013 6014 N100ES EarthStar / Disneyg650 N100ES USA BUR
9 26/02/2013 6015 N1AL ALCG650 ALC 6015 LLC. USA VNY
8 26/02/2013 6009 VQ-BNZ Royal Flight of Jordang650 VQ-BNZ Jordan AMM
7 07/01/2013 6006 M-YGVI Airfixg650 M-YGVI Finland HEL
6 31/12/2012 6012 N524EA Falstaff Partners LLCg650 N524EA USA IAD
5 28/12/2012 6008 N762MS Wal-Mart Stores Incg650 6008 USA ROG
4 27/12/2012 6013 N650PH Gulfstream (leased as demo)g650 N650PH USA SAV
3 26/12/2012 6011 N102BG Contrail Aviation LLCg650 N102BG USA PHL
2 20/12/2012 6010 N100A Exxon Mobil CorpG650 6010 USA DAL
1 20/12/2012 6007 N711SW Wynn ResortsWynn g650 USA LAS

G650 backlogs now stretch out to Q4 of 2017, so buyers in Asia, Russia and other growing economic regions are willing to pay a premium for not having to wait.Please contact me if you seek a G50 for sale with a much earlier delivery date.

Gulfstream Aerospace’s new $65.5 million flagship G650 private jet has won the Corporate Jet Investor Award for the best aircraft of 2014

To lookup http://www.airframes.org/

BE QUICK – Gulfstream G650 for sale as brand new from 2013.Price on application


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