El Batatal (Marbella) Abu Dhabi Royal Residence, Unveils €6 Million Redevelopment

El Batatal (Marbella) Abu Dhabi Royal Residence, Unveils €6 Million Redevelopment



Discover the lavish world of El Batatal, the Abu Dhabi royal estate that transcends expectations. Contrary to its name, this exclusive property is not a humble sweet potato plantation but a collection of opulent palaces belonging to the esteemed Abu Dhabi royal family. In a testament to the ever-evolving nature of these regal abodes, the estate is now set to undergo a €6 million redevelopment, bringing forth a new chapter in its storied history.



El Batatal serves as the official residence in Spain for the Abu Dhabi royal family’s representation activities and related facilities.

Recently, the Local Government Board approved a development project proposed by Bruna, Sociedad Limitada, aimed at expanding these already impressive structures. While the project is still in its preliminary phase, lacking a construction license, it envisions a strategic relocation of the main building within the estate.

The proposed modifications include a subtle westward shift of the main building and the replacement of a section of the public water supply pipeline originating from the municipal reservoir of Sierra Blanca. Additionally, a supply tank within the estate will be relocated due to the impact of the new building’s proposed location. The intricate plan also involves creating a public use servitude zone along the eastern boundary to facilitate the maintenance of the water pipeline.

Public Awareness: To ensure transparency and community involvement, the technical Planning and Management service of the municipal Urbanism delegation has brought these developments to public attention. The report emphasizes the potential impact on public interests, as outlined in Article 32.1.3rd of the LOUA, prompting a 20-day public information period in the Official Bulletin of the Province. This allows interested parties to examine the plans and submit objections, fostering a collaborative approach to the estate’s evolution.

Historical Significance: El Batatal is not the only royal estate in the region; other Arab royal families, including the Saudi royal family, boast extensive properties. For instance, the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia commissioned the construction of El Rocío in Marbella, a palace reminiscent of the White House. This royal complex underwent significant renovations between 2001 and 2002, representing a substantial investment of approximately €120 million.


As El Batatal embarks on this €6 million redevelopment journey, it symbolizes the commitment of the Abu Dhabi royal family to preserving heritage while embracing modernity. Stay tuned for updates on this luxurious transformation, a blend of tradition and innovation that reflects the evolving essence of royal residences.

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