Daniel & Jennica Shamoon: Visionary Leadera Transforming Luxury Hospitality in Spain

Daniel Shamoon (London, 1975) is a prominent figure in the luxury hotel industry. His father, David Shamoon, made significant acquisitions in the 1990s, including two iconic hotels in the Malaga region: Puente Romano and Marbella Club. These properties now fall under the umbrella of Luxury Hotel Partners, a group co-directed by Daniel and his sister Jennica, based in the UK. Currently, the group manages nine established hotels, with plans for further expansion in the pipeline.

Supercar Owners Circle Guests at Marbella Club Hotel summer 2023

Shamoon reveals that, much like his father, he can’t sit still and is always exploring new business ideas. Whether lounging on the beach or recuperating after a day of skiing, entrepreneurial ideas are ever-present in his mind.

The latest addition to their hotel portfolio is Teranka Formentera, a strategic choice due to Daniel’s deep admiration for the location. The opportunity arose through a business associate, and Daniel recognized the spectacular potential of the site. The hotel boasts 35 rooms and is nestled in the dunes along Migjorn Beach, an area he considers one of Spain’s unique gems. He believes this region, where Hotel Pachá is also situated, is poised to become a luxurious haven in Formentera.

Another recent project includes the Maribel Hotel in Sierra Nevada, a place close to Daniel’s heart as it’s where he learned to ski. The region offers unique features, such as sunny and warm weather. Acquiring Maribel was a dream come true for him, as it complements the group’s El Lodge hotel. Both hotels operate harmoniously and don’t compete with each other.

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When discussing the potential of Sierra Nevada as a luxury destination, Daniel envisions a shift towards a luxurious experience similar to destinations like Aspen or Courchevel. Many skiers who once traveled to the Alps are now choosing Sierra Nevada for its ease of access and the exceptional experiences it offers. He sees Sierra Nevada as a place that can cater to various market segments, much like Marbella.

Daniel emphasizes the significance of patience in their business endeavors, noting that they often spend a considerable amount of time pursuing the acquisition of specific properties. They have a vision and stick with it, even when certain opportunities take years to materialize.

Regarding their collaboration with Nobu, Daniel’s familiarity with the owners of the Nobu brand, along with their discussions about projects in Ibiza, laid the foundation for a successful partnership. Within a short span, they signed contracts for multiple hotels, including one in Marrakech and others currently in discussion. He praises Nobu as a valuable partner, making collaboration a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Reflecting on the transformation of Marbella over the decades, Daniel notes that the city has evolved from a close-knit community where everyone knew each other to a more metropolitan environment. Marbella Club and Puente Romano have managed to maintain the original spirit, fostering a sense of camaraderie among their guests. To further promote this spirit, they’ve created a Club of Owners with around 500 members and their families. Marbella’s transformation resembles that of Miami and Dubai in recent years, evolving from a summer resort to a year-round city.

When it comes to delivering exceptional service in luxury hotels, Daniel emphasizes the importance of providing guests with the freedom to enjoy their stay without overly intrusive attention. He prefers that service be available when needed, as opposed to frequent, intense interaction. He places particular importance on the breakfast experience, as it’s a crucial moment for guests to plan their day. Their guest relations team approaches tables and assists guests with suggestions. This key interaction shapes the guest’s day, after which they are given more autonomy.

Puente Romano recently held an eevnt for Ferrari

Regarding luxury tourism, Daniel concurs with a recent McKinsey & Company study suggesting that high-end travelers seek experiences with strong connections to local culture. They have implemented this approach in their hotels by showcasing local experiences and activities that guests can partake in with the staff. The aim is to leave guests eager to return for more experiences.

Lastly, Daniel believes that the gastronomic offerings in hotels play a vital role. He considers that the majority of a guest’s day is spent in the hotel’s restaurant. Therefore, variety in the dining experience is essential to keep guests engaged. They collaborate with renowned brands such as Cipriani and Nobu, providing unique and diverse culinary options, thus challenging guests to decide which restaurant to choose.

In recent years, Spain has witnessed a surge in luxury hotels, making it a notable destination for such accommodations. According to Daniel, Spain’s unique charm, joyful way of life, and market potential have positioned it as one of the world’s most magical destinations. He believes that Spain, with its diversity and growing luxury market, has the capacity to become a premier global destination, drawing international hotel chains to further elevate its status.

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