Coastal Train in Costa del Sol 🚄✨ Malaga – Marbella

Coastal Train in Costa del Sol 🚄✨

The dream of connecting Malaga and Marbella via a coastal train has persisted for 162 years, and the latest proposal might be the game-changer. 🌐🚆

The ARCS consultancy and Economic Analysts of Andalucía have unveiled a cutting-edge plan for an 88% underground route, paralleling the A-7 motorway, costing around €2.7 billion. 🏞️💰 With a swift 8-year completion period and speeds of up to 160 km/h, this project aims to carry 44 million passengers annually. 🚅✈️

From the first plan in 1862 to the latest underground marvel, this ambitious project has seen seven official proposals. The historical journey includes metro-style ideas, political discussions, and even a proposal for a ‘stilted’ track above the A-7. 💭🚧

The proposal, presented on January 4, envisions a transformative link from Malaga Airport, maintaining the existing Malaga-Fuengirola Cercanías track simultaneously. Let’s hope this marks the beginning of a new era in Costa del Sol’s transportation history! 🌟🛤️ #CostaDelSolRail #TransportationDreams #CoastalTrainProject #MalagaMarbellaConnection #InfrastructureEvolution 🚞🌴”

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