Build cost €500million.132 meter Super yacht project “The Star” by Alex Malybaev, Lobanov yacht design & BMT Nigel Gee


132meter super yacht project “The Star” would cost €500 million to build, 36 sleeping guests, and up to 200 visiting passengers. Alex Malybaev, FIRMA. drew it on a napkin in frustration over todays boring designs.

Russian Yacht designer Igor Lobanov & BMT Nigel Gee  helped finish the  design.

The amazing 4 point star design is visible, when the ship reflects in the sea.



Collaborating with BMT Nigel Gee for naval architecture and to assess technical feasibility, STAR has been developed as a private yacht, or more radically, as the world’s most exclusive private hotel, redeploying to the world’s iconic marine cities and events worldwide. STAR rethinks both artistic form and content.


James Roy, Yacht Design Director of BMT Nigel Gee concluded, “Historically yacht design has been described as both an art and a science. STAR is a tangible view of a 21st century interpretation of art and science. We are fortunate to live in an era where technology makes the delivery of bolder designs more possible – for clients who are adventurous innovators anything is truly possible”.

sea yacht-project-star-lobanov

Beautiful mosaic windows  cover most of the hull on “Project STAR” the mast is 60 meters high.


The vessel has been designed with a maximum speed of 18+kts and with a range at 14kts of 5000+NM. Over 3500 sq.m of luxury interior space is provided within the 9000 Gross Tons, whilst a central cluster of 4 lifts provide access across 8 decks.





Idea – Alex Malybaev, FIRMA.
Design – Lobanov
Naval Architecture – BMT Nigel Gee

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