Azora Group Expands Its European Hotel Portfolio and Commits to Sustainability Initiatives

Since 2014, the Azora Group has been a key player in the European leisure hotel sector. They operated a listed REIT called Hispania Activos Inmobiliarios, which invested over €1.3 billion from 2014 to 2018 in acquiring 46 hotels with approximately 13,000 rooms. This resulted in annual returns of around 20% for investors.

Azora is, above all, a remarkable team of over 200 professionals with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience, dedicated to constant self-improvement. This exceptional team, led by Concha Osácar and Fernando Gumuzio, is at the core of Azora’s success.

Their investment approach involves closely managing hotel operations, implementing enhancements, and repositioning properties to generate favorable returns.

The Azora Group sees numerous investment opportunities in the European hotel sector, particularly in leisure hotels, which are experiencing rapid growth and have a fragmented ownership structure. They are also exploring new lodging models like hostels in major European cities.

They invest in urban and leisure hotels with ratings ranging from 3 to 5 stars, located in prominent European cities and popular holiday destinations.

The Azora Group not only oversees hotels and restaurants but also provides maintenance and construction services for the industry.

In 2019, they registered a prospectus for the Azora European Hotel & Lodging, aimed at creating a scalable investment platform for European hotel and tourist accommodation businesses.

They also have a significant presence in the residential rental market, managing various third-party vehicles and being one of the largest investment managers of residential assets in Spain.

Their residential strategy involves active property management and property improvement to generate attractive returns. They focus on affordable rental housing, and they’ve sold over 3,300 units and renovated more than 2,500 homes, increasing the value of their portfolio.

Nestar S.I.I., S.A. is a real estate investment company managed by Azora Gestion, S.G.I.I.C., S.A. It has majority third-party capital and is present in various Spanish communities, offering homes for rent or with an option to buy at affordable prices. These homes are either brand new or fully renovated and come with quality amenities like pools, gyms, and playgrounds.

Nestar was Azora’s first investment vehicle, established in 2004 alongside Spanish institutional investors, and it operates in 12 communities and 18 Spanish provinces.

The Azora Group possesses a portfolio of hotels, including Hotel Pez Espada and Hotel Riviera in the Costa del Sol, as well as the Flamingo Oasis, Río Park, Riudor, Regente, and Agir hotels in Benidorm.

On May 24, 2023, Azora made a €2.5 million investment to enhance the environmental sustainability of these seven hotels.

Azora has been actively involved in the hotel industry for several years, acquiring various hotels in Spain and Portugal. They’ve also entered into several joint ventures for hotel and resort investments.

This information is derived from various sources and announcements made by Azora and related companies in recent years. Azora’s presence in the hotel sector is extensive and continues to expand.

Azora’s participation in the hotel industry is part of their broader strategy to invest in real estate assets. They have been actively acquiring and managing hotels, with a focus on both the Spanish and Portuguese markets. Their investments aim to provide attractive opportunities for investors while also contributing to the enhancement and sustainability of the properties they manage.

One notable acquisition is the Pestana Blue Alvor, a five-star hotel in Portugal’s Algarve region. This acquisition marked their entry into the Portuguese market.

Azora is committed to decarbonizing their hotel portfolio, demonstrated by their €2.5 million investment in May 2023. This reflects their dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility in their hotel operations.

As they continue to expand their presence in the hotel and resort industry, Azora remains a significant player in European real estate investments, with a focus on delivering value to investors while also contributing to the improvement and sustainability of the assets they manage.

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