Marbella Center

Discover Marbella’s Heart: The City Center! 🌆

🚶‍♂️ Charming Streets and Squares
Explore 44 narrow streets, a main square, and 4 smaller squares, each with a unique story. From conquerors to locals, faith to simplicity, the names reflect Marbella’s rich history and community spirit.

🏞️ Tourist Delights
Marvel at the famous 6-kilometer Marbella boardwalk, Paseo Maritimo. Lined with palm trees, shops, and cafes, it offers a breathtaking coastal view. Take a leisurely walk, skate, or bike, and enjoy a cup of coffee at the sidewalk cafes. Plaza de Toros, the bullring seating 10,000, adds a touch of tradition.

🛍️ Avenida Ricardo Soriano
Named after tourism promoter Ricardo Soriano, this main street boasts top-notch shops, boutiques, and eateries. Soriano’s impact on private investment and tourism is commemorated in this vibrant street.

🏛️ Cultural Treasures
Visit the old Bazan Hospital turned museum, showcasing works by Miro and Picasso. The Municipal Exposition Gallery features local artists’ paintings and sculptures. Don’t miss Marbella’s pride, Parque de la Alameda, with its lush tropical plants, romantic ambiance, and horse-drawn carriage tours.

🌳 Parks in the Heart
Experience tranquility at Parque Arroyo de la Represa, hosting the Bonsai Museum. This spacious park with athletic tracks and football pitches offers a green haven for relaxation.

👫 City Center Charm
Immerse yourself in Marbella’s essence, where history, art, and nature converge. The journey of discovery in the City Center is a fascinating trip! 🗺️🌟 #MarbellaCityCenter #DiscoverMarbella

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