La Quinta

La Quinta: Golf Haven and Luxury Living

🏌️‍♂️ Tranquil Golf Oasis
Situated around La Quinta Golf and Country Club, La Quinta offers a serene residential experience just minutes from Puerto Banus and the beach.

🌳 Diverse Residential Sections
From El Herrojo to Altos de la Quinta, La Quinta boasts various sections with villas and apartment complexes. New extension Real de La Quinta promises exciting residential and leisure projects.

🏰 Rich History and Development
Rooted in the late 1980s, La Quinta’s golf course and real estate initiatives flourished under the La Quinta Real Estate Group. Over 1,000 homes span 160 hectares, with the new extension expanding possibilities.

🛍️ Exclusive Amenities and Services
La Quinta isn’t just about golf; it’s a lifestyle. The 5-star hotel, Spa, Kids Club, restaurants, and bars add a touch of luxury. The area seamlessly blends elegance with nature, close to Marbella’s vibrancy.

🤔 FAQs About La Quinta

Best Restaurants? Sunsa and Club House at Westin Hotel.
Amenities? Numerous, including a 5-star hotel and Spa.
Hotels? Westin La Quinta Golf & Spa Resort offers a luxurious stay.
Healthcare? Accessible facilities nearby.
Family-Friendly? Absolutely, with schools and a safe environment.
Golf Courses? La Quinta Golf and more in proximity.
Travel from Malaga Airport? Convenient access via car.
🏡 Property Variety and Future Expansion
From El Herrojo’s gated villas to Reserva de la Quinta, La Quinta offers diverse properties. New extension Real de La Quinta introduces contemporary villas and apartments, enriching the residential landscape.

La Quinta: Where Golf Meets Luxury Living! 🌟🏡 #LaQuintaLiving #GolfRetreat #MarbellaRealEstate

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