Casares: A Village of Historical Beauty 🏰🌄

Location and Landscape: 🌍🏞️

Situated atop a hill between Serrania de Ronda, Costa del Sol, and Campo de Gibraltar.
Diverse landscape from rugged mountains to the Guadiaro Valley and coastal strip.
Historical Significance: 🏰📜

Declared a Village of Historical and Artistic Importance.
Origins date back to Roman times; village of Arabic origin.
Monuments: castle ruins, Our Lady’s Church, Ballesteros and La Hedionda caves.
Archaeological Richness: ⛏️🏛️

Evidence of human presence since prehistoric times.
Relics from the Roman era, including the possible ancient city of Licipo.
Legend of Julius Caesar’s gratitude for being cured in La Hedionda Baths.
Moslem Occupation and Decline: 🕌📉

Village structure and design from Moslem occupation.
Conquered by Catholic Monarchs in the late 15th century.
Long period of decadence post-expulsion of moriscos in the 16th century.
Birthplace of Blas Infante: 🏡📜

Blas Infante, a key figure in Andalusian nationalism, born in Casares in 1885.
Shot by Franco’s troops in 1936.
Recognition: 🏛️🔍

Declared a Village of Historical and Artistic Importance in 1978.
Key Information: 📊🌡️

Tourist area: Costa del Sol Occidental.
Distance to the capital: 107 km.
Altitude above sea level: 435 m.
Extension: 162 km².
Population: 3144.
Demonym: Casareños.
Postal Code: 29690.
Weather Today in Casares: ☁️🌡️

Max Temperature: 15°C.
Min Temperature: 12°C.

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