Alhaurin el Grande

Alhaurín el Grande: Rich in History and Charm 🏰🍊


Nestled at the foot of Sierra de Mijas mountains.
Overlooking the Valle del Guadalhorce.

Traces back to Stone-Age, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, and Moors.
Roman remains include aqueduct, columns, tombstones, and more.
Arabs named it Alhaur, built a fortress dominating the area.

Iglesia de la Encarnación, Town Hall, Caves of the Convent.
Chapel of Santa Vera Cruz, Chapel of San Sebastián, Cobertizo Arch.
Fuente Lucena fountain, Molino de los Corchos mill, Bread Museum.
Modern Amenities:

Municipal Library, Covered Swimming Pool, Antonio Gala Theatre.
Parks and gardens surrounded by Sierra de Mijas mountains.
Noteworthy Events:

Conquered by King Ferdinand in 1487.
Autonomy bought by inhabitants in 1634.
Occupied by French during Peninsular War in 1810.
Tragedy and Rebuilding:

Bomb explosion during the Peninsular War killed 104 locals.
New shrine La Vera Cruz and town hall rebuilt on the same site.

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