A list and description of the smaller private airstrips with and without asphalt dotted about Andalucia. Most are used for microlight sports, PPL training and crop spraying.

With Asphalt Runways

La Aqarquia (Leone Benabu).

36º 48′ 06″ N – 4º 08′ 08″ W
Real Aeroclub de Malaga.
The most popular of all the smaller airstrips. A popular air club and PPL pilot training near Malaga.


La Juliana (LEJU) (Sevilla)

37º 17′ 42″ N – 6º 09′ 45″ W
925 x 17m asphalt runway. 27/09. Arrival 123.500 Mhz
Address: Camino Real Villamanrique – Sevilla s/n, Bollullos de la Mitación, Sevilla
Located south west of Seville city and village of Bollullos de la Mitación.
Base for Skydive Spain and pilot schools. Popular location for Ultralights and visiting PPL to practice circuits.


Antequera Aerodromo de Antequera, Malaga

37.100365665348, -4.561587723027
Located north of the town adjacent to the N-331 by Vento Los Pilotos


Villamartin Aerodrome

Located just north of the Village in Cadiz province.
36.87192269920985, -5.6488430462740515
Popular with microlite pilots and training.


Medina Sidonia (Cadiz)

36º26.7′ N 5º 56.6′ W
36.4398779395863, -5.939508113557478
Located to the west of the hill village in Cadiz province off the CA-5201. Aeroclub de Medina Sidonia and Club Deportivo Aerosidonia based here. Location prone to gusty winds.


Without Asphalt Runways

Ronda (Malaga)
Pista Yunquera, Carretera Yunquera, 29400 Ronda
36.737811008035685, -5.11434409406314

Alcolea (Cordoba)
37º 56′ 35″ N – 4º 36′ 55″ W Servicios Agrícolas Aeros SA

Altarejos-Guadalcanal (Seville)
38º 10′ 10″ N – 5º 44′ 41″ W Jose Carlos March

Beas de Segura (Jaen)
38º16’16″N 2º56’56″W Ayuntamento de Beas de Segura

Linares (Jaen)
38º05’27″N 3º42’24″W Jose Garcia Ortiz

37º21’44” 6º55’19″W Agrícola de Pintado

Palma del Rio (Cordoba)
37º43’01″N 5º12’45″W Sebastián Almagro Castillanos

Sierra Morena (Jaen)
38º02’18” 3º45’51″W Baquero Servicios Areos SA

Loja (Granada)
37º 08.4′ N 4º 16.3 W

Villanueva del Trabuco (Malaga)
37º 04.0′ N 4º 20.0 W

Garucha (Almeria)
37º 17.8′ N 1º 49.9 W

La Ina
Aerodromo de La Ina
36.63026915809416, -6.01950959886684
Very small airstrip located to the east of the village of La Ina south of Jerez. Located off the CA-3110

Military Airbases

Moron near Seville (Spanish)
Armilla near Granada (Spanish)
Rota near Rota (USA)


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