1 of 1 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Lang Lang Edition with 1200hp for sale.

Bugatti has built a piano-inspired Grand Sport Vitesse to celebrate a concert by world renowned pianist Lang Lang in Molsheim, France. The color scheme of this Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse with 1200hp is inspired by the colors of a concert grand piano and the Type 57 Atalante. The color split with its black tinted carbon fiber and the white paint. The door panels are covered in white leather with black...

Spanish Real Estate – After 5 years of price drops,the 3rd quarter of 2013 show increase in sales compared to same time last year

Spanish Real Estate - 27th of Nov. 2013 After 5 years of price drops,statistics show first quarter with a price rise of 1%. 76.818 sales was reported in the 3 months of July-Aug-Sep. 2013 and 12,16% of the sales was to foreigners. Foreign demand by Country UK 14.75% of the total, followed by France (11.45% ) , Russia ( 9.35% ) , Belgium (7.25 %) , Germany ( 6.94% ) , Sweden ( 5.87% ) , Norway...

70 meter Super Yacht “Reverie” sold for less than usd50million

The largest Super Yacht  build by the  Italian ship yard Benetti, have just been sold to a US resident by a Florida yacht Broker. The Yacht was listed at €62m when it was first on the marked  a few years ago, the last asking price was €36.6million (USd49.5million). Reverie offers exceptional volume that is thoughtfully arranged throughout its seven decks. This highly remarkable yacht provides...

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