🚰 Malaga’s Water Woes: The Unfulfilled Lifesaver Projects 🌊

🚰 Malaga’s Water Woes: The Unfulfilled Lifesaver Projects 🌊

Since the drought crisis of 1995, Malaga’s authorities have grappled with recurring severe droughts, and while numerous projects have been studied and approved, many remain unrealized. Ignacio Lillo sheds light on the critical projects that, if executed, could have been a lifeline for the province in its current water crisis.

  1. La Concepción Reservoir Expansion
    • Location: River Verde basin, western Costa del Sol
    • The Issue: La Concepción reservoir’s capacity is insufficient, leading to water release into the sea during heavy rain periods.
    • Proposed Solution: Double the reservoir’s capacity to capture more water resources for the Axarquía.
  2. Cerro Blanco Dam
    • Location: Sierra de las Nieves, regulating the Grande river
    • Controversy: Initially met with opposition, the Junta de Andalucía revives the project to regulate the Grande river, potentially producing 50 cubic hectometres of water annually, similar to La Concepción.
  3. Mijas-Fuengirola Desalination Plant
    • Approved in 2008, awarded to Sacyr
    • Delayed Progress: Construction stalled, contract terminated in negotiations with the government.
    • Potential Impact: Could have produced 20 cubic hectometres of drinking water annually, a crucial resource today.
  4. Vélez-Málaga Desalination Plant
    • Current Situation: With La Viñuela reservoir near empty, the project aims to produce 25-40 cubic hectometres per year.
    • Funding: 100 million in state funding, slow bureaucracy according to local officials.
  5. Costa del Sol Pipeline Upgrade
    • Problem: Outdated pipes causing significant water leaks.
    • Solution: Contracts awarded for drafting construction projects to upgrade pipelines, a crucial step to reduce water loss and improve water transfer capacity.
  6. Antequera Iznájar Water Transfer
    • Proposal: Transfer water from the Iznájar reservoir to address water supply issues in surrounding municipalities.
    • Challenge: Junta’s initiative requiring central government approval, involving the construction of 142 kilometers of pipelines.
  7. Genal River Small Dam
    • Proposal: Build a weir or small dam to harness floodwaters from the Genal River, potentially providing eight cubic hectometres per year for the Costa del Sol.
    • Opposition: Faced criticism from environmentalists and valley mayors, leading to a halt in the project.

Despite the urgency posed by the current water crisis, bureaucratic delays, controversies, and environmental concerns have hindered the implementation of these essential projects. As the province grapples with its water challenges, the unfulfilled potential of these projects remains a poignant reminder of missed opportunities. 🌊💧 #MalagaWaterCrisis #LifesaverProjects #DroughtSolutions 🇪🇸

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